Smashing Pumpkins Frontman Wants to Stop Touring, Thinks He Has Nothing to Prove

"Rock has lost its vigor, and I no longer feel I am part of it," says Billy Corgan.

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Smashing Pumpkins mainman Billy Corgan once again underlined his pessimistic attitude towards the current state of rock music, revealing plans to put the band's touring activities to a halt, or at least severely reduce them.

During a recent Politiken interview, Corgan described the modern rock world as depressive and hectic, yearning to withdraw his life to a more secluded place.

"What I'm thinking right now is it's the end of an epoch," the singer/guitarist kicked off (via Alternative Nation). "We've almost finished touring with 'Oceania,' and then I will find something new. For right now, I think rock has lost its vigor, and I no longer feel I am part of it. There are virtually no rock bands that has developed as the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin did. And the public has lost the desire to try something new. So fighting in that world is a waste of time to me."

Corgan explained further, "Maybe I should start playing for a small audience, but at a higher price. Give them an experience that is 10 times as strong as what people get now. Or maybe I'll have to stop touring because I can't afford it. Maybe I'll settle for five concerts a year. In any case, I think you have to get out of this treadmill. Where you use a year to make an album, release it, wait for the judgment of the reviewers, Twitter and Facebook, and then go on tour to promote the record. I think that's over. At least for me."

The frontman then focused specifically on touring and his personal life, pointing out that he doesn't feel like there's anything for him to prove anymore.

"I think about [stopping touring] every day," Corgan said. "For it is a matter of priorities. How important it is to be home with the dogs, being on vacation, to be in the studio. And I've been on tour more than anything in the last 25 years. Right now I live in the same hotel where I was 16 months ago. It's crazy to think about. It feels endless. So maybe it's time to get out of it and create something new.

"We recently played at a festival where I looked at the program for all three days and saw that I had sold more records than all the other bands combined. And yet I was not headlining. So what do I do then? Why stand there and try to prove something, I have already proven?"

Corgan concluded by reminiscing the old days, wishing he could return some of his early life perspective.

"When I started The Smashing Pumpkins in 1988, I didn't think I would sell a lot of records," he said. "It was just to get a reaction from the friend who sat and listened. My world was that small. And maybe it's time to pull me into a world that is smaller, but more dangerous. Because if you create something with great force and integrity, then perhaps the world comes looking for you. And I have shown that I can do that."

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    Saw them one week ago, and Billy really didn't seem to enjoy to play, even if the public was reacting well.. If he doesn't feel like doing it, maybe it's a good thing he stop now..
    I saw them in october, he didn't even move on stage, smile or talk with the audience. Was a good show musically speaking, but a horrible atmosphere because of his mood.
    Darth Wader
    "Billy Corgan sure does whine and complain a lot." - Liam Gallagher "Yeah, so annoying." - Morrissey
    Liam "I didn't make any of the oasis hits and still hit my brother" Gallgher and "I just complain about the whole world and cancel my tour in south america because of a little food intoxication since I am a little princes" Morrissey? ...Really?
    Is it just me, or does this guy sound completely up his own ass?
    I may have received a lot of downvotes for that comment, but claiming you don't want to tour anymore because you have nothing to prove, when much bigger and better bands are still out there working hard and playing shows for their fans, sounds pretentious.
    I agree completely. Seems to me like he's just bitter about their dwindling sales/success/whatever you wanna call it. You know what they say, Mr. Corgan: "What goes up..."
    Old bands (except AC/DC) go on touring because they run out of money, not because "they love the fans". At least Billy is honest with who he is a musician.
    @RobNovAr: What? Are you serious? So, the only reason old bands go on tour is because they run out of money? Oh, ok...
    Kind of makes sense. But they go on tour for the same reason that people go to work everyday, it's their job
    And bands that give a flying f*** about what they do keep touring because performing your heart out in front of a crowd every night and continually making new music is the best damn thing in the world. I'm not saying that bands tour because they run out of money don't care, but more than often, the passionate ones are the ones that keep up the touring.
    I'm pretty sure that's why Metallica and similar bands who have had great success are still touring nearly non-stop till this day...
    Metallica themselves (Specifically James) have stated that any money reasons they have for touring are not for them but for their crew...They don't need any more money but the crew do need a job.
    Cheap Trick not only continue to tour at any venue they get, but also continue to make records simply because they love doing that. They don't need money anymore.
    not sure where the "except AC/DC" came from. I would pin them as probably the worst culprits. Black Ice didn't scream to me that they did it for the music.
    To Robnov: They tour because they need the money? well duh, it is what they do. Do you think the members of AC/DC have day jobs or something? they are a rock band.
    I agree with Validischofe, though I will say the title makes him sound well more douchey than the feel I got from his whole comments. Far from the most misleading title on this site though; that's for sure.
    Well Billy is usually known to be pretentious.. Even James Iha said so in an interview or two.
    From the picture, I'd say it was just his right arm he's got up his ass.
    "And maybe it's time to pull me into a world that is smaller, but more dangerous." Dangerous all right. Look's like there were a few complications.
    Billy does come off as an ass at times, but this will kind of explain that
    I'm 13 minutes in and he cannot prevent himself from going on a tangent when answering this host's questions.
    Totally. I like the Pumpkins but maybe it's just they themselves who have lost vigor. My local radio station (Banana 101.5) was at the last Pumpkins show at the Palace of Auburn Hills and basically said the Pumpkins don't belong in arena rock anymore.
    Sammy Mantis
    No, it's not just you. The way he carries on you would think that Smashing Pumpkins was one of the biggest things to happen to music in the past twenty years. Honestly I've never met anyone who really liked this band aside from 1979 and Bullet with Butterfly Wings.
    You haven't met many people then. In my hometown not more than one of the SP records has come to town and still they have a huge fanbase.
    Please don's stop Billy. You've inspired a huge part of the new generation of musicians.
    He's just too caught up in sales and rock star status. Quit trying to be this legendary 'rock' band and just play. I miss when he didn't care and just let the music flow, which resulted in masterpieces like Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie..
    I completely agree. Smashing Pumpkins is a decent group (not my fav but I can see why people like them) but Billy seems to be achieving for a goal of legendary status and to be frank there is little to no chance of that happening to anyone that isn't alreay in their late 50s and older, acts that stand the test of time or so they say. I think if he enjoys music then just make it, you don't have to do the whole full year + tour schedule, just make what you enjoy, and if your trying to become a legend out of it, don't
    At least Billy is honest with who he is a musician. I really hope he dont stop touring completely, but he is in his right. Being the only clean musician of the 90s (or one of the few) and having to deal with junkies all the time must be hard.
    Guthrie Govan said it best: music owes you nothing. You're in it because you want to. If his sales are not adding up to his expectations, then too bad, that's a risk you take when you become a musician. If, however, he feels he no longer has a plateau to look forward to, then maybe he should stop for a while. Get some new perception, and then come back if he feels like it.
    If your heart's not in it anymore, just quit. If you're not enjoying yourself, what's the point?
    As much as I want to call him a whiney prick, I agree with pretty much everything he just said.
    "There isn't a new Led Zeppelin, so I'm going to stop playing." Really? That's a rather juvenile attitude.
    What's juvenile is you making that strawman argument about him.
    matteo cubano
    i agree. just sounds like he's afraid of progress. the only way to know is to wait 30 years and see what modern rock bands music will be looked back on like Led Zeppelin is today.
    Check other articles/news about him, he is clear in the fact that he is no only not afraid of progress, but he is achieving it, musically. Here, with the Led Zepelin example, he is trying to day that there are not many more great new bands.
    I agree but rock is coming back a bit with some "just ok" bands.
    There's plenty of innovation in modern rock. You just need to know where to look. Sure, not the same kind of commercial success to go with it, but it's there. The only difference is that the modern public has gotten worse at recognising it. /hipster
    As a big Pumpkins fan, I have to say that I don't think Billy like the whole "indy" thing. Also bands don't sell as much records today, but that's because of the internet. But saying that people don't like to try new stuff, that's just not true.
    "Cherub Rock" is in fact a song against the whole indie movement hahahaha
    "Where you use a year to make an album, release it, wait for the judgment of the reviewers, Twitter and Facebook, and then go on tour to promote the record" - Sadly, he's right.
    Even if he does stop, after a while he'll miss the stage and be back. They all miss it after a while.