Smashing Pumpkins Planning to Revisit Early Demos for Future Release

Over 800 titles are to be considered, says frontman Billy Corgan.

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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan shared plans to revisit the SP vault for a new release, sifting through over 800 home demos dating back to 1985-1990.

In a latest Smashing Pumpkins Nexus update, Billy noted, "Good news from the 'AEGEA' front, as all online copies have now sold out; with no plans in the present to press a 4th (or beyond 1000 copies) edition.

"Also, my next planned release will be the start of a multi-volume collection of home demos from 1985-1990, which, if those who work for me can be believed, has over 800 titles to consider. But a word of caution, as these 'works' are all over the place in terms of quality, etc, as I was just a kid of 18 when I started making my own recordings; and not only do my influences show a little too hard in places, but so do my inadequacies as a sound engineer.

"To help avoid confusion then over what would be on the records, short sound clips of every release will be made avail; as many are instrumental or 'vibey' in nature and may not appeal to everyone (I didn't really start singing my own songs until I was 19). Comments from those that have heard them though are kind and positive, such as (and I'm paraphrasing) those from Jeff Schroeder of SP, who told me that 'it's cool to hear you piece together what would eventually become the band's sound, even at such a young age.' And pieces these are!"

Sharing tentative release plans, Corgan continued, "Since these tracks have yet to be mixed, and I've a lot to go through, I'd anticipate the first release to come sometime in the next 2-3 months, unless of course I decide to make some public offering before I have the vinyl in hand; in which case you'd hear the compilation of clips sooner rather than later. To that, expect a double or triple first set.

"And a quick note on the August 30th Ravinia, as the set continues to expand and be refined with more rare songs, with a feel and ambiance that is really exciting to me as an artist. Let's just say that in many ways this is the other side of the coin of SP's musical helioverse, and for those of you tired of hearing the old warhorses, you’re in for a treat," he concluded.

As reported, the new Smashing Pumpkins studio album "Monuments for an Elegy" is finished and waiting to be released in 2014, while the second new effort is set for release in 2015 under the "Day for Night" title.

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    Billy is a mastermind, he puts a lot of work and atmosphere in his songs. Sure SP isnt the same as it was back then but things gotta evolve. I'm curious to whats coming
    That means music from the original lineup?
    Jimmy and D'Arcy didn't join until '88 so if it's going as far back as '85, it's going to be mostly pre-original line up material, so to speak.
    It might be good though, and im pretty Sure he has some old stuff with D'arcy, Iha and Chamberlin, but he is not going to release it just because of that.
    Tommy Lee heard these demos and said that they'll sound as good or better than Physical Graffiti.
    I do not really what to think about your comment. Not sure if you are dissing Tommy Lee, and if that's the case i agree with you.