Smashing Pumpkins Writing New Music, Billy Corgan Confirms

Frontman posts photo with guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

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Sharing a brief update on the new Smashing Pumpkins material, frontman Billy Corgan confirmed working on fresh songs with guitarist Jeff Schroeder.

"Working with 'the Shredder' on new SP songs," Billy noted via Facebook, along with a photo of Jeff jamming on the guitar.

Last month, the frontman posted a photo of himself with a guitar and the "Writing new SP songs" caption, so it might seem that the tracks are actually shaping up and require the involvement of additional band members.

So far, this year's updates significantly differ from Corgan's pessimistic comments in 2013. As reported, the frontman went far enough to consider giving up touring, stressing he simply has nothing to prove. "Why stand there and try to prove something, I have already proven?" he asked.

The latest Smashing Pumpkins studio effort, "Oceania," saw its release in June 2012 via EMI Records.

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    I have great expectations of the upcoming album, Oceania (both the tour and the album) were great. I wonder, does this upcoming album still belongs to 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope'? Which originally was meant to be 11 EPs with four tracks each, then Oceania came along and somehow still was part of the 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope'.
    My impression is that whole project got moth balled. I think that whole Teargarden thing was going on during is frustration period when Zeitgeist wasnt well received and its singles were outselling the album as a whole. I'm glad though he's back to writing proper length albums now, and hope other artists will continue to do the same. As we've seen, about anyone can pen a hit single, but full albums will always be the dominant artistic expression and display of talent.
    Who knows, you never know what's going inside that bald head, maybe Corgan will actually complete the 44 songs in secret and just ... vault them. He has an incredible ammount of songs that have not been officially released and probabli never will. I thought it was a great idea at first, every couple of weeks he would release a free EP, you could download it and decide if you wanted to pay something for it. And the music was great.
    Saw him at Rock on the Range last year. He put on a great show but the crowd just wanted another metal band on stage and about half the crowd left before Smashing Pumpkins were on their third song. Good news for me, I ended up about twenty feet from the stage. Can't wait for more new stuff.
    I remember reading an article or watching a video hearing Billy say that its going to be a double album, one disc to be darker and heavy like their new song they play live (the dream machine), and the other disc to be more like oceania
    so like Mellon Collie but the heavier songs on one disc and the lighter stuff on the other, because that would be amazing.
    I think he should do everything in his power to reunite the original line up and do a proper final album. Stop worrying about rock record sales and targeting new generations, just get together with the old group and jam
    Well I feel like he already did a proper final album with the original band, and that was Machina. Now he's doing another thing. Oceania was a great album, I'm looking forward to the next one.
    You know that's practically impossible, right? Iha doesn't even want to talk ABOUT Corgan, let alone talk WITH him, Chamberlin finally got fed up with Billy's antics (although I suppose he'd be the easiest one to convince, and last time we heard of D'arcy was when she called that radio station some time ago, and she didn't sound well at all. Besides, I don't see any motivation in Corgan, since he's pretty much convinced (and right to a proper extent), that he was the one and only artisitc engine in the band.
    all he needs in Chamberlain, but the new guy is pretty good, Billy played all the instruments except drums on the first two albums anyway.
    All he needs aside from Jimmy Chamberlain is for Billy Corgan to come back to the band. He left many years ago...
    So excited to hear some new material!! I have a strong feeling that this next stuff will cast away any doubts about the new members ability to preform in comparison to the old. Oceania is a great album, and after watching these talented musicians give a great live performance myself. I believe we will be blown away on the next one. History has proven BC has a way of doing that.
    Smashing Pumpkins writing new music aka Billy Corgan is. Will say it'll be interesting to hear