Smiths Reunion Could Still Happen?

Drummer Mike Joyce is convinced that a Smiths reunion can happen - on the same weekend that Morrissey is taken ill and cancels six US tour dates.

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The Smiths reunion could still happen, according to their optimistic drummer Mike Joyce.

His prediction which came to him in a dream coincided with news that Morrissey has been hospitalised.

As a result of his illness, Morrissey has cancelled six US solo tour dates because of a bleeding ulcer, according to Spinner. Some tickets have been refunded and rescheduled dates will be announced in the coming days. The current tour will continue on February 9.

Meanwhile, Mike Joyce has reignited the discussion around whether the Smiths will ever reunite.

"I actually had a dream that Morrissey, Johnny [Marr], Andy [Rourke] and me were all in the same room and we actually agreed to do a tour. Morrissey said, 'What song shall we open with?' and we replied in unison, 'Hand In Glove'. Thats what the show should open with. Then I woke up laughing," he told the Sun (via NME).

Joyce thinks the band would sound better than ever, despite being apart for 26 years, because of their increasing musical experience and improved live sound technology, but accepts that some of the band have good reasons not to do it. "But if they asked me, I'd probably say yes. If you put everyone in the same room it's amazing how things can turn around."

Perhaps Joyce is being a little too optimistic. Rumors of a Smiths reunion crop up every few months, but never come to pass. In 2006, they turned down £76 million ($120 million) for a 50-date tour of the US.

"I would rather eat my own testicles than reform The Smiths, and that's saying something for a vegetarian," said Morrissey last year.

Are you hopeful for a Smiths reunion, or should people move on? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    Their drummer having a dream is enough to start rumours that it's gonna happen? Grasping at straws a bit, I think.
    Havent had a dream in a long time... So ... Please please please... Let me, let me get what i want... God knows it will be the first time.
    Really don't think there's any point trying to talk Morrissey into it, he won't be able to hear s*** he's got his head rammed so far up his own a***
    Morrissey and Marr reuniting I definatelly see happening within the coming years. Seeing as they were the talent behind the lyrics and most of the music, this is most important to me. Joyce is utterly hated by the both of them, though, since the lawsuit. If I recall right, Marr and Rourke are still on good terms, so I have some hope for him! Marr has his solo band now, and Morrissey is still touring, but perhaps after that we can hope again.
    I guess this is bigger news than the tragedy in Brazil. Silly UG...
    It's not going to happen! We get one of these stories every 6 months!
    I doubt they'll ever reunite, but I'd love to see something with Marr and Rourke playing new Smiths-like songs.
    lol Mike Joyce is like the least important member of The Smiths, besides that second guitarist they had for a hot second. Personally, I think a reunion would be kinda lame anyway. Why spoil the legacy?
    It will never happen. I would literally kill to see it though, just once. But no, this will never ever happen. The original G'n'rs will get back together before these guys ever did.
    Yeah, right. Morrissey's said that the hates the others, so there's virtually no chance of that happening. It's a shame, though
    It will never happen. And I don't think Marr and Morrissey will reunite either.
    Least interesting news i've read in a long time. Last reunion i'd ever see. Morrissey is the only reason i don't like the Smiths.
    Most unlikely time seen as Marr has just prepping his solo album to tour. Morrissey doesn't want to leave his house incase he sees a KFC. Of Course Joycey and Rourke want to tour they've done very little outside of the Smiths.
    I'd love for this to happen in the same way i'd love to see the original Guns N'Roses but i know it won't happen :/