SOAD Bassist Attacks Singer Serj Tankian: 'He's Holding Us Back!'

"I'm furious that he let us down like this," Shavo Odadjian says, as the band reacts quickly.

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In an unexpected outburst on his official Facebook page, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian blamed frontman Serj Tankian for not wanting to work on the new SOAD album and holding the band down.

In a series of eventually removed posts, bassist decided to "come clean," saying, "It's not us (meaning Daron Malakian, John Dolmayan or Shavo), it's Serj who doesn't want to do a new album! So please stop harassing us about it! We are just waiting for Serj! Now he might hate me for exposing the truth, but i had too ... Sorry folks! We're trying to get a new album out, it's just not passing Serj's rules!"

Odadjian then even went on to suggest replacing Tankian, saying (via Blabbermouth) he is ready to release a new album with "someone who wants to be the singer of System."

"Kinda funny, since we started the band and now he's holding us back! I think we should should release another album again? As for me ... I'm ready to release one with someone who wants to be the singer of System, not someone we have to beg to be a part of System! So with that in mind, what do you guys [think] we should do? Just remember, he's been holding us back for seven years so far ... Wanna wait another 4-5 years? Or shall we release a record without Serj? You tell us?"

Bassist continued by stressing out that he does not want to go on without Tankian, but would do so if needed. He also invited fans to give their opinion on the entire matter.

"I don't want to make a record without him ... but if he's not down? Should the three of us just sit and wait? Not cool! I want the fans from all over the world, including Brazil, to tell us what they think. No System? Or System with with a new singer who's just as good if not better? Plus new System songs and tours? Please give me your opinion people! Is System better with no singer or someone who is excited to be our new singer? You decide ...'Cause I'm confused!"

Finally, Odadjian concluded his ranting spree by calming down a bit, but still expressing his dissatisfaction with the way Tankian has been acting.

"No dis to Serj ... If he wants to be in the band then he's welcome but if he's not? What do you expect us three to do? We really want another System Record! Wish Serj was down but if he's not, then I'm going ahead and making a System record without him! I'm furious that he let us down like this, but we gotta do something to keep this great band alive! Agreed?"

The group was quick to react by distancing themselves from the bassist, pointing out that his opinions "do not reflect the sentiments of System Of A Down as a collective band" and calling Odadjian's outburst a "temporary state of bad judgment."

"Earlier today, Shavo posted a few statements on his personal Facebook page that do not reflect the sentiments of System Of A Down as a collective band," reads the official Facebook announcement. "These were misleading statements that were made during a temporary state of bad judgment on his part alone. To be clear, the full band lineup of Serj, Daron, Shavo and John will be performing all scheduled tour dates. With respect to new SOAD music, although we have not agreed on a timetable for a new album, we all believe that having the four of us do it together is the way to be true to the band and our fans."

Tankian is indeed very busy with numerous side projects, as he is set to release two independent records this summer. As far as the new SOAD record goes, it was only confirmed that it will be recorded and released "at a certain point."

The group's latest album, "Hypnotize," came out in November 2005 via American Recordings, launching itself straight to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with over 320,000 copies sold in the US within the first week.

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    Von II
    I understand the guy, but he should be talking to his band mates and Tankian. Of course fans want a new album and a tour, and what they post on facebook probably wont change Tankian's mind all of a sudden.
    yea, Serj sounds a lot like Maynard right now... maybe Maynard should sing for SOAD and Serj should sing for Tool. that might actually be really ****ing cool.
    You think Maynard is going to share vocal duties with Daron? Thats probably Serj's issue "Damn, I have to listen to Daron's Whiney freaking voice again, maybe i can put it off a few years..."
    I honestly hope this is the issue. Serj refuses to do the album until Daron goes back into the corner and only does backup vocals. Daron's lead singing ruined Hypnotize/Mesmerize for me.
    I still enjoyed both album's, but Daron is better lower in the mix as a backup, such as on ATWA or the chorus of Chop Suey.
    I don't know whats going on, but it is kind of weird that I hear Serj is releasing like 3 albums in the span of a few months (just what I heard) but wont give the band that got him there the time of day.
    Seriously? Serj's voice is disgustingly weak and whiny now. I can't listen to his solo stuff without vomiting.
    Maybe trade vocalists for a year. I honestly think that would be one of the coolest collaborations between bands ever.
    Well for me, if it wasn't a rant, it was probably some scheme to pressure Serj back into SOAD activity. Like you said though, it doesn't do any good for anyone
    i think shavos right this is exactly how ive felt except without wanting to replace serj but he looks like a total wiener eater by putting all of that up on twitter. that kinda shit should be discussedand fought within not out in public especially since its being said directly to serj. what is he ****ing five?
    I think Serj should just tell them if he wants to be in or out. I understand that serj enjoys hes solo work and i think he should stay there if that is how he feels. Other members clearly want to continue and thats what they should do. I want soad
    No. Serj's voice was the thing that got me into the System in the first place. Releasing a new album without him... No. Scars on Broadway - nice! But SOAD without Serj - NO!
    Serj should be very clear on his bandmate and he should not forget that he is in a band. If he wants a side project, he should when he gets time from bands project. He is just a damn crap if he thinks only for himself, what about his three mates. In a team work what majority of the team agree to should be the rule...he is using you three and you are used so you dont have the guts to stand out! ....n ,mlln, \..../
    Completely wrong. If all of the band members aren't aboard that's a bad thing. That's when quitting and firings happen. If Serj forces himself to be in SOAD, he'll just end up getting depressed or pissed off all the time, and eventually some equipment will be thrown and then the band will be over forever. They have to all have their heart and their minds in it as one.
    But the thing is that Serj's solo music is not very different from System's music at all (in terms of composition at least). xD
    At least we got some updates on SOAD. Now we just need a release date for the new SOB album!
    I dont know if this is the best thing to do Shavo...We dont want the band to break up because of this, I mean what if Adam said that Maynard was always busy and Tool was abandoned? You cant rush good music
    That is true but Tool isn't on hiatus like SOAD sort of are. The fact is with SOAD we don't really know whats going on whereas Tool at least put the odd snippet here and there about how the album is coming along. But yeah whatever I just want any band to do whats best for them so they get decent music out - if this rant from Shavo pushes Serj back into the band it would be for the wrong reasons so I think this is a misjudgement on his part...
    It'll bring up discussions and hopeful it gets all sorted out right then and there. If Serj doesn't have the heart for it, I hope he follows his heart and bails rather than follow the money trail which would lead him into SOAD for sure.
    Arfing Thumb
    Nobody of them can be replaced. They're all essential for the Band. An album with one of them missing wouldn't be a SOAD album.
    Ironically the only one who is remotely replaceable is Shavo.... But yeah, full lineup please, I can wait.
    Cara Gato
    I understand where is is coming from. Serj has his side projects, is making money etc., while SOAD sits on stand-by. Doesn't seem fair. But I don't think SOAD would make it with another singer. His voice is pretty much their signature.
    Unless they can get Mike Patton,no replacement will ever do.
    Damn strait! Mike would be awesome. I can already hear early Bungle/FNM stylings being laid over their freakish grooves
    he cant be replaced, a album cant be forced. then its not going to be good. we can wait
    I seems to me he was drunk or something similar while posting that, the way he wrote it, it's all a bit chaotic and not thought out very well...its a good thing the band distanced from it. They should definitely do the album together, as it's supposed to be. And he should try to solve the problems within the "family" and not shout it out for the world to see
    When I first saw the posts on Facebook I thought Shavo must have been hacked, it just seemed way too over the top and sudden.
    DON'T EVER SPEAK TO FANS ABOUT BAND'S PROBLEMS! YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF LOKK LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT! Don't get me wrong, i love soad but this is a matter they have to discuss in private.
    Seriously. Discussing internal band issues like this in public is unprofessional and immature. These things never get solved by making them public, nor does it help the band in any way, shape or form. Just makes them all look bad.