SOAD Drummer: 'I Want to Make New Music, I Don't Want to Wait Anymore'

artist: System of a Down date: 06/26/2014 category: music news
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SOAD Drummer: 'I Want to Make New Music, I Don't Want to Wait Anymore'
It would seem that fans aren't the only ones fed up with waiting for a new System of a Down album, as drummer John Dolmayan has recently noted that the nine-year record break has gone on for too long.

Discussing his latest cover project These Grey Men, John told Alternative Nation that one of the main reasons for launching a new band is the SOAD wait. Furthermore, it seems like no progress is being made as of yet.

"I've actually asked where their heads were at, where they were going musically," he said about his bandmates. "Because it's important for me to know that, then I can do some research on either the bands that were inspiring them at the time so that I could kind of get in the same head space, or even maybe hear some of the material.

"But to date, I haven't heard any songs, with the exception of a few here and there, that I could really start kind of pointing the direction of my drumming in the future to meet," the drummer added.

When it comes to the time the group will kick off writing sessions, Dolmayan had little specific info to share. "The other question of when we're going to be doing something, your guess is as good as mine," he said.

"I'm in a band of four very unique individuals, they are eccentric at times, they are artists. All artists are a little bit cooky I guess, and they're going to do things on their timeline of whenever that works out for them, I guess. I couldn't tell you, that's why I'm making this album, because I don't feel like waiting.

"I want to make music, I want to contribute artistically, and I haven't done it since 2008, so I don't want to wait any more. Even if System said tomorrow we're going to start working on an album, I would still complete this album, first."

During the rest of the chat, the drummer discussed EDM movement, saying that he shared a theory about a rock revolution rising from it about a month before Soundgarden's Chris Cornell. "I was like f--kin' aye, now people are going to think that I copied him!" John jokingly said.
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