SOAD Drummer: 'I Want to Make New Music, I Don't Want to Wait Anymore'

"I want to contribute artistically, and I haven't done it since 2008," John Dolmayan says.

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It would seem that fans aren't the only ones fed up with waiting for a new System of a Down album, as drummer John Dolmayan has recently noted that the nine-year record break has gone on for too long.

Discussing his latest cover project These Grey Men, John told Alternative Nation that one of the main reasons for launching a new band is the SOAD wait. Furthermore, it seems like no progress is being made as of yet.

"I've actually asked where their heads were at, where they were going musically," he said about his bandmates. "Because it's important for me to know that, then I can do some research on either the bands that were inspiring them at the time so that I could kind of get in the same head space, or even maybe hear some of the material.

"But to date, I haven't heard any songs, with the exception of a few here and there, that I could really start kind of pointing the direction of my drumming in the future to meet," the drummer added.

When it comes to the time the group will kick off writing sessions, Dolmayan had little specific info to share. "The other question of when we're going to be doing something, your guess is as good as mine," he said.

"I'm in a band of four very unique individuals, they are eccentric at times, they are artists. All artists are a little bit cooky I guess, and they're going to do things on their timeline of whenever that works out for them, I guess. I couldn't tell you, that's why I'm making this album, because I don't feel like waiting.

"I want to make music, I want to contribute artistically, and I haven't done it since 2008, so I don't want to wait any more. Even if System said tomorrow we're going to start working on an album, I would still complete this album, first."

During the rest of the chat, the drummer discussed EDM movement, saying that he shared a theory about a rock revolution rising from it about a month before Soundgarden's Chris Cornell. "I was like f--kin' aye, now people are going to think that I copied him!" John jokingly said.

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    People are missing SOAD so much that even people who ****in' PLAYS in SOAD are missing SOAD
    It looks like everyone but Serj wants to contribute. Too bad, being forced to make music is one of the worst things that can happen to musician. I would like to hear them, but I think that it must be mutual agreement between the guys.
    Agreed, a musician should never be FORCED to make music, they should have a drive to. That is why bad albums are produced by good bands, because they HAD to make it.
    I'm really curious about what happened to Scars On Broadway's second was announced almost 2 years ago and no more info was given ever since...I loved their debut and I've been looking forward to some craziness of Daron...
    I found that "They're ****ing" song annoying as hell.
    I'm with you, Daron's vocals are tolerable in SOAD but by himself it's just obnoxious. He's a great guitarist and all but he doesn't need to jam his way into being a lead singer when he's not really good at it.
    what happened to Achozen with Shavo and RZA, and almost every other non Serj related SOAD member project.
    I think the Achozen album was meant to come out before even Serj's first album, it just kept getting delayed and delayed...and now it's 2014.
    There was a 1 minute sondclip at some point and i think he kinda fired everyone because he wanted to do eerything himself. Apparently it isn't working out so well :/.
    Yeah i know, but they even played a few new songs live but now it seems it's gone without a trace.
    It actually looks like Daron's solo career hasn't been doing well lately, in the bright side you know he's making new music (He does the guitar in Linkin Park's ''Rebellion'' track) But nothing about Scars. He said that he made the whole new album in just two weeks, but hell that was a looooong time ago. Where the hell is my new SOB albummm.
    My theory - Serj is waiting for another Republican President to be pissed off about and then he'll be ready.
    I actually think that Serj is right, the time for making a new album has to come. But Jebus, the last thing I want to think about is SOAD getting a new vocalist.
    *shudder* Finding a replacement to even match Serj would be a feat of Chuck Mosley -> Mike Patton proportions. They're just one of those perfect storm bands like Zeppelin or Pantera where the chemistry is perfectly balanced. If they aren't going to come back with an album that lives up to their catalogue then I'd rather they leave it be, like Rage.
    Tool or SOAD Who will put out a new album first?? :O Any wagers?
    Well Tool has actually already started working on an album...they're just huge perfectionists lol...I'd rather wait for amazingly talented guys like them to put out their idea of finished than have a release every year or so
    You've got to admire a musician who speaks his mind. I've always found it ridiculous the way some bands feel the need to act like some kind of group consciousness that have to agree on every word.
    well we can wait for a new SOAD album as long as we can wait for a new Necrophagist album: forever
    I don't think serj wants to ruin the strong back catalogue they've built up and Daron is probably strung out on some strong drugs somewhere.
    Metallica has ruined their back catalog over the past 20 years, and they don't give a damn. At least they did something. I understand reasons like Slipknot had...but not these guys. Doesn't make sense. 9 years is ridiculous. Fans of these guys are in their 30's and 40's's crazy.
    I really enjoy system they are the reason I am a musician and I really hope they can produce a good record just like they had in their days in the past
    Jacques Nel
    I'm sure that all the disagreements come from a botched relationship between even just two of the four guys. One of them probably can't stand one of the others so they just keep thinking of a reason to put this off.
    Come on Serj, the rest of the band wants SOAD, the fans want SOAD, what more needs to be said here? Stop doing other projects for a minute and give the fans and the rest of the band what they want!
    This guys drumming is the only thing I like about SOAD. He seemed to carry the band. The other guys are sort of....half-assed my opinion. I'm glad he's putting out another album to stay creative and busy. Hopefully of you SOAD fans get another album from them soon.
    I kind of agree. The band hasn't aged well for me. I loved them back in the day, but whenever I listen to them lately I just wonder why I thought they were as good as I did. In my opinion of course, I find nothing special about the guitar or bass playing. Drums are still solid though. Maybe I'm just personally over what their discography brings to the table. I was pretty excited for the reunion tour when it initially happened, but completely forgot to actually go to a show when it came around to me. That might say it all.
    I have to disagree. I don't listen to SOAD much these days coz a long time has passed but whenever I put it on I'm reminded of why I thought they were awesome. And it still is awesome. Each to there own I guess
    Jacques Nel
    He's a solid drummer, agreed. They work well together though, I couldn't really get into any of the solo projects like Serj's albums or Scars on Broadway. Together they have a type of chemistry that is just unique. Maybe the reason for the wait is that they can't work together well anymore.
    I can already hear the insults I'm going to get for this comment, but what the hell. SOAD were headlining Download a few years ago, and not being a huge fan I decided to go see Funeral for a Friend on one of the smaller stages, who played an absolute, top notch, 5 star set. When they finished I went to catch the rest of SOAD and I couldn't understand why they were on the big stage and FFAF were on the small one. Looked like they couldn't even be arsed being there.