SOAD Drummer John Dolmayan Launches All-Star Project These Grey Men, Kicks Off Fundraiser

You can even book the guys for a gig in your backyard, details inside.

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System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has officially launched a fundraiser campaign for his all-star cover project These Grey Men, aiming to gather $55,000 for an album release and a tour.

The album will include covers of such artists as David Bowie, Radiohead, Outkast and more. The band is to be led by Dolmayan and his longtime collaborator and friend James Hazley, formerly of Cockeyed Ghost.

"About two years ago, I began to feel somewhat incomplete," John noted. "I was touring and having a great time with my friends in System of a Down, but something was missing. After some soul searching, it hit me that I hadn't given anything new artistically to the world in far too long. Though touring was fantastic, it didn't fulfill a fundamental need that was growing day by day within me. A need to step into the studio with a blank canvas and share what comes out with fans across the world.

"On one of my many trips to visit friends and family in LA, I was scrolling through the 10,000 or so songs in my iPod, and as different songs would come on - for reasons I can't explain - I would rearrange them and change the melodies around in my head. I began noting the songs that changed the most profoundly, and a list began to form. Over time, it became clear that what I had on my hands could be the project I was yearning for," the drummer added.

As of today (June 17), with 58 days to go, Dolmayan has gathered a total of over $10,000, making the final goal seem like an achievable one. The guys also came up with a clever award system, which might even get the full band playing in your backyard, but you'll have to invest $10,000 or more for it to actually happen.

Check out more info and funding details over at Kickstarter.

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    I'm getting very very tired of all that all-star stuff. Also the fundraising by famous people is just wrong to me. It's like ,, hey, you people need to give us money, so we can make stuff, so you can give us money''
    Think of it as a "Pre-Order." Except the pre-order helps the artist make the record and then you get your copy of the record when it's out. It makes fans feel like they are helping out their heroes and in a way, they are. Sure, people look at it as an easy way out but honestly record companies shaft even the biggest of stars with funding for stuff like this. Everybody wins here.
    well how ells are they suppose to make new records? most music fans ''koff koff'' won't pay for music yet they want new music! how dose that work?
    Oh I guess that's why there are tons of albums coming out on big and small labels every month, all paid with fundraisers, now get it. You're really telling me that a guy like John Dolmayan leading an all star project needs a fundraiser?
    They would not be doing a fundraiser if they did not need it. 55k is not a lot of money unless they plan to do the album on a ****ing laptop.