SOAD's Serj Tankian: 'Most People in America Don't Read!'

artist: System of a Down date: 03/31/2014 category: music news
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SOAD's Serj Tankian: 'Most People in America Don't Read!'
System of a Down singer Serj Tankian recently touched on the matter of US social issues, stressing the need to have an educated society in order for democracy to actually work.

Asked by 3news on whether he finds it refreshing how New Zealand's issues are "a bit smaller," Serj gave a positive answer.

"The semi-neutrality of the country is definitely very progressive outlook," he noted. "Many nations can benefit from that kind of perspective. And kiwis are quite wise politically, in terms of international politics, because they read.

"Most people in America don't read! And the education system is great. I think it's not just enough to have a democracy, it's important to have an educated democracy, because without an educated, literate democracy, you can have a George Bush as your leader. And that can be maybe as dangerous as having Assad as your leader in some cases! [laughter]," the vocalist concluded.

Focusing on latest musical efforts, Tankian explained how he hardly expects to get universally acclaimed due to the eclectic nature of his projects. "I would bet that rock critics wouldn't love a symphony record, I would bet classical critics are not going to love someone coming from the rock world and doing a symphony record," he kicked off.

"I would bet that jazz purists writers, in fact I know jazz purist writers, are not into my 'Jazz-Is-Christ' record. But hey, that's okay! Because I am making the music that is coming to me from the universe, and I am presenting it the best way I can. And I am putting a spin on it that is uniquely what I do. And as long as my fans and people who are following me like it, I'm happy with it and thankful for it," Serj concluded.
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