Sonisphere 2014 Crowd Blown Away By Babymetal: 'Insane, Brilliant, Really Good Atmosphere'

artist: BABYMETAL date: 07/08/2014 category: music news
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Sonisphere 2014 Crowd Blown Away By Babymetal: 'Insane, Brilliant, Really Good Atmosphere'
J-pop death metal sensations Babymetal have received major praises from Sonisphere 2014 crowd, confirming that their booking was definitely a big hit.

Asked about their thoughts on the odd act, fans shared quite positive remarks. "They were weird, I'm kinda confused. I quite liked it and I feel a little bit dirty for it," one of the fans told TeamRock.

"I thought Babymetal were really, really good," an enthusiastic bloke named Phil said. "I've seen them on the internet and though they might be an oddity, but seeing them live is actually a lot of fun and the crowd went absolutely insane. Really good atmosphere."

"Babymetal were absolutely brilliant, really good dance routine," another crowd member added. "Absolutely phenomenal. They're amusing and the pit that was going on down there was absolutely crazy."

Praises just keep flowing in, with yet another blown away fan. "They're f--king awesome. It was like Dragonforce on ecstasy and little kids, it was pretty intense," he said.

Even the older concert goers had positive remarks to share. "Pretty talented kids actually. 14 years of age and they get up there in front of 50.000 people and do that, that's pretty amazing. So yeah, pretty cool," Mr. Martin said.

Summing it all up, everyone seems to have given Babymetal a thumbs up. There's even a wall of death video from the show below, make sure to check it out.

In related news, the band has kicked off their latest tour in Paris, France, performing another rocking gig. Footage was quick to surface, give it a look or two below.

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