Sonisphere 2014 Crowd Blown Away By Babymetal: 'Insane, Brilliant, Really Good Atmosphere'

J-pop death metal sensation sweeping the nation, fans feeling "dirty" about loving the act.

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J-pop death metal sensations Babymetal have received major praises from Sonisphere 2014 crowd, confirming that their booking was definitely a big hit.

Asked about their thoughts on the odd act, fans shared quite positive remarks. "They were weird, I'm kinda confused. I quite liked it and I feel a little bit dirty for it," one of the fans told TeamRock.

"I thought Babymetal were really, really good," an enthusiastic bloke named Phil said. "I've seen them on the internet and though they might be an oddity, but seeing them live is actually a lot of fun and the crowd went absolutely insane. Really good atmosphere."

"Babymetal were absolutely brilliant, really good dance routine," another crowd member added. "Absolutely phenomenal. They're amusing and the pit that was going on down there was absolutely crazy."

Praises just keep flowing in, with yet another blown away fan. "They're f--king awesome. It was like Dragonforce on ecstasy and little kids, it was pretty intense," he said.

Even the older concert goers had positive remarks to share. "Pretty talented kids actually. 14 years of age and they get up there in front of 50.000 people and do that, that's pretty amazing. So yeah, pretty cool," Mr. Martin said.

Summing it all up, everyone seems to have given Babymetal a thumbs up. There's even a wall of death video from the show below, make sure to check it out.

In related news, the band has kicked off their latest tour in Paris, France, performing another rocking gig. Footage was quick to surface, give it a look or two below.

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    I was there at Sonisphere and I loved it, the crowd loved it to. It was so absurd and so stereotypical "Japan is weird" that I couldn't help but smile all the way through it. Not to mention their backing band are insane.Not something i'd go out of my way to see, but it was hella good fun.
    Now come the copycat bands. Soon we will be plagued with a herd of j-pop metal acts swarming the airwaves and infecting our sanity.
    Honestly, I feel this is something that's probably harder to pull off than it looks.
    Alcohol makes things look and sound better. But i can see why some people like them. I can't get into this whole thing but ive never really got into j-pop and stuff like that either.
    Nero Galon
    These are one of those bands where although I probably wouldn't ever choose to listen to them in my own solitary time, but would absolutely go watch them live for the sake of experiencing something.
    Dragonforce on ecstasy and little kids Well. I guess we know what Dragonforce on ecstasy and little kids sounds like.
    I don't see how this or any other Japanese artist is any more weird than pretty much half of what's popular in the West. Or since UG is into metal so much, how is it any weirder than "Meat Hook Sodomy". Cannibal Corpse is as much of a gimic as this is. But honestly, both groups are what they are, and nothing is wrong with that. Being unique in this day and age should be valued, not insulted. You don't have to like it (I sure don't), but don't be a d*ck either.
    But...they aren't even singing, it's have we come to this?
    You saw them then, did you? Or are you just relying on the hearsay of others and not bothering to actually use your own judgment? They were absolutely singing live at this very gig - I was right up close enjoying the hell out of it. Su-metal has one hell of a voice too, not as strong as on the recordings but considering she's dancing and running around the stage it's amazing she can belt it out as well as she does. They were amazing, second best band I saw that day (nothing's going to top Carcass) and I'm gutted I missed their solo gig at the Forum last night.
    It's a damn video, jesus. You know when someone is stupid? When he/she has the truth under his/her nose and still chooses not to see it.
    i always thought the metal community was open minded... im no fan of them either but you have to admit they sure know how to interact with the crowd. Dont drift into the "I'm so trve" lane, they did a great job there
    Um. I was there, they sucked big time... Give me Ghost and Alestorm over them any day. Went in knowing about two songs from each, but still managed to sing along to all the choruses and everyone there was having the time of their life... Babymetal were just... weird.
    Cold Reader
    You can hear the slight imperfections that aren't there on the recording. This is not lip sync and the only bit that looks like it is, is at about 1:47.
    You do realise that the two girls on the ends are using headset mics? The band is crazy good and like others have said they know how to work the crowd so good on them. I may not particularly like the singing but the crowd seems to enjoy it so...
    they played live. Full band and the girls, I know why you may THINK they didnt, because when the first started (about 12) they did lip sync, but I was there, they even tried to get the audience to sing gimme chocolate mid song, it definitely was NOT lip-synched!
    I wonder what Bruce Dickinson thinks of this? I'm sure we will know soon anyway.
    Ted Nugent: "Well, I just think, I mean, they're good and I'm not insulting them, but Babymetal just lacks soul. They don't have that real Detroit motown thing going, you know what I mean?"
    "an enthusiastic bloke named Phil said. "I've seen them on the internet" . . . . I bet you did
    Not a fan of their work, but hey if they can play their music live and entertain people while doing it, kudos and props to them, they have my respect.
    I'm actually really confused by this. I dont like their youtube videos but live they seem totally different? I may hav drifted further away from metal over the years, regarding my past self would think something like this "**** that, thats no metal at all" but somehow they have a distinct groove live which is really hard to describe. I guess they just play on a really good vibe of enthusiasm
    Nothing against them but Teamrock has really glamourised them far too much since they bought out Metal Hammer so naturally it's going to be incredibly one sided in their reports.