Soundgarden And Pearl Jam To Tour Together?

artist: Soundgarden date: 09/18/2012 category: music news
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Soundgarden And Pearl Jam To Tour Together?
It could end up being a bumper week for Soundgarden fans. Not only has the band announced more details for, "King Animal", their first album of new material in sixteen years, but there is now speculation that Chris Cornell and co may be gearing up for a major tour with fellow grunge legends Pearl Jam. As Classic Rock notes, speculation of the tour has come from Radar Music, who have been trying to make sense out of drummer Matt Cameron's dual commitment to both bands: "Matt has confirmed on multiple occasions that he's not leaving Pearl Jam, and that he's committed to Soundgarden. If he is staying on with both, it could mean only one thing: a Soundgarden and Pearl Jam world tour". The station went on to note that Pearl Jam are also scheduled to release an album in the upcoming months, which would facilitate their need to tour: "However we were still missing a key ingredient a new Pearl Jam album. The tour could only take place if that was on the cards. Cue guitarist Jeff Ament confirming this month that they're half-way through, and on track for an early 2013 release. Then it all made sense. Soundgarden weren't just fine-tuning King Animal. They were waiting on their brother band to finish things up". "Soundgarden release their album, fans go ballistic, rock'n'roll reigns again. A few months later Pearl Jam's new album comes out, and while at the height the tour will be announced for mid-2013. When tickets go on sale it'll be mayhem". Of course, this is all just rumors and speculation at the present time, but nonetheless, the prospect of a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam tour (the Pearlgarden tour? The Soundjam tour?) has as salivating... Want to see the two grunge giants team up? Let us know in the comments...
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