Soundgarden 'Not Stopping to Make Records,' Says Chris Cornell

"There's nothing stopping us," the frontman says.

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After recently announcing they'll be taking a break, grunge icons Soundgarden had the music fans confused, seeing that their return from a 12-year hiatus occurred only three years ago.

But luckily, frontman Chris Cornell now confidently pointed out that we haven't heard the last from the Seattle four-piece.

"You know, I think that the overall attitude about keeping it going and treating it, in a sense, the way that we wanna treat it to keep it going, that attitude seems to be really good," Cornell said during a GMI Rock radio interview. "I mean, there's nothing stopping us from continuing to make records, that's for sure, and continuing to play shows. We had a great experience doing ["King Animal"], and since we've come back together, everything has been kind of that way."

The frontman continued, "There hasn't really been any of the kind of tension, specifically surrounding peripheral stuff, and I think it was a simple as us making the conscious decision to not be influenced by anything other than us four wanting to do it and not putting a business version of a timeline on it."

Soundgarden recently premiered a video for "Halfway There," tune No. 10 off their latest effort "King Animal." The record itself was released in November 2012 via Seven Four Entertainment, landing at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart with 83,000 units sold in the US during the first week.

You can check out "Halfway There" video below:

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    I hate UG's title. I swear they just do this to screw with us.
    The title doesn't even make sense, it's like UG just takes random words from the article and expect it to be good.
    How was 'Eyelid's Mouth' not a single. It's the strongest track on the album.
    Liked this article for the content. Good to know Chris, Kim and the guys aren't stopping anytime soon. But seriously UG,learn to title things. This wasn't even misleading. It was just....helmet-wearing,walk-behind-the-short-bus retarded...
    I loved King Animal. Such a strong album. Can't wait to hear their next one some day... And maybe see them on their next Detroit stop..
    meh, sounds like audioslave and cornell's solo shit. Not nearly halfway there to what pearl jam or even the remains of AiC put out today
    This is probably my least favorite song on the album. Have you heard Taree, Attrition, and Black Saturday?
    OMG a single from Soundgarden that doesn't begin with B!
    Outshined, Flower, Spoonman, My Wave, The Day I Tried To Live... Should I continue? 'cause there are plenty... Halfway There is great, I love King Animal, Can't wait to hear a new Soundgarden and see them live in Israel! ('Cause Chris showed up in here alone in July 2012 and he was amazing!)
    Haha I know.. but it seems llike theres an awful lot of Soundgarden singles that begin with B.