Soundgarden Performing 'Superunknown' in Full at This Year's iTunes Festival

artist: Soundgarden date: 02/27/2014 category: music news
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Soundgarden Performing 'Superunknown' in Full at This Year's iTunes Festival
Grunge veterans Soundgarden have officially announced the first ever full performance of their classic 1994 album "Superunknown."

As the band's Facebook post reads, the show will take place as a part of this year's iTunes festival, scheduled to take place from March 11 to 15 in Austin, Texas. Drummer Matt Cameron will also take part in the performance, despite taking 2014 off from Soundgarden to focus on touring with Pearl Jam.

As for the record, "Superunknown" saw its release on March 8, 1994, becoming the band's most successful release to date. It peaked on No. 1 at the Billboard 200 chart and has ultimately sold over five million copies in the US. Some of the album's hits include such titles as "My Wave," "Spoonman" and staple grunge tune "Black Hole Sun."

Marking the record's 20th anniversary, Soundgarden will release the album's special two-disc deluxe edition on June 3. Apart from the original remastered record, the package will include b-sides, demos, rehearsal footage and more.

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