Soundgarden Performs 'Superunknown' in Full at SXSW

The band delivers the whole album played live ahead of its reissue.

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Soundgarden performed "Superunknown" in full for the first time ever at this years iTunes Festival's SXSW offshot event.

Highly acclaimed album was released in 1994 and debuted at No.1 in Billboard 200, was certified as Platinum in USA and Canada and Gold in UK, Sweden and Netherlands, was 1995 Grammy nominee for the Best Rock Album. Singles off it, "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman," got Best Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance respectively at the same Grammys. The record was listed on number 336 in "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" by Rolling Stone in 2003 and on number 5 in Guitar World's "Top Ten List of Guitar Albums of 1994."

Here're a few takes from the performance. Enjoy!

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    Lt. Shinysides
    man this is so badass. Chris's voice sounds really shot, but better than it has in the past 2 years, there's always hope. One of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. what happened to She Likes Surprises though?
    Chris should sing the lower parts of the harmonies instead of the high ones when possible (which happens a lot), maybe even get a backup singer other than Matt. Unfortunately he doesn't sound so great hitting the mega high notes he used to, but still has a great voice when he's in a range that feels right.
    I watched the whole performance this morning. So good. Chris's voice is a bit shot but he really has found a good way to hit the notes and screams. This performance of 4th of July is much better than one I saw from 2010.
    Ghost xx92
    Am I the only one that thinks these clips all sound like shit? No energy in this show and his voice is complete shit. I'm a huge Soundgarden fan.
    seen them seven times, cornell had a good voice once in seven… he cant stay in tune…agree with the earlier comment that they have zero stage presence…..
    lol did you see them a further six times to reinforce your perception, or..?
    Ghost xx92
    That's pretty funny you went back for more 6 times. Which time did you hit the jackpot and were you hammered drunk? From early bootlegs I was under the assumption they sucked live... 20 years later you get this. I've never seen them live likely will at least once though.
    Gotta agree with the comments about Chris' voice, he brought it down a bit for me. I think if he just focused on singing the notes cleanly without trying to scream at the same time he'd be fine though.
    Saw Soundgarden for the first time last summer EPIC! Now I wanna see Audioslave haha I wish
    "Here're a few takes from the performance." Can these article writers learn grammar sometime soon?
    Great performance. Half sounded very cool but I'm pretty sure Ben played the bass solo wrong...they should have totally had someone singing too. I guess She Likes Surprises doesn't count because it's a bonus track.
    Sweet! Such a great album. I listened to it the other day for the first time in years and it still holds up.
    this album, one of the best things ive ever bought. spent these 7 Euros well ) limo wreck live, just awesome
    Thrice Capades
    I tried to pick up a copy for 7 Euros, but the dude was like "this is America and we don't take no funny money" and I was all like "que?"
    Don't blame Chris' voice for the shitty "HQ" recording of this show.
    Lt. Shinysides
    anyone else wonder why Chris has always sung the higher harmony in the second verse of 4th of July? the lower harmony is way more prominent in the mix, and thats the voice most people hear in their head when they think of the song. he's got more rasp in his voice these days and if he sang it in the lower harmony, it'd be even better than the album version
    Once they got warmed up, he was hitting those notes wuite well, and everyone here.. YOU DO IT! I dare ya, and do it under hot stage lights, on camera, in front of a million people at home and 40 thousand in the audience, and do it for over 20 ****in years.. Then talk shit. They killed it once they got warmed up!