Soundgarden Performs 'Superunknown' in Full at SXSW

artist: Soundgarden date: 03/14/2014 category: music news
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Soundgarden Performs 'Superunknown' in Full at SXSW
Soundgarden performed "Superunknown" in full for the first time ever at this years iTunes Festival's SXSW offshot event.

Highly acclaimed album was released in 1994 and debuted at No.1 in Billboard 200, was certified as Platinum in USA and Canada and Gold in UK, Sweden and Netherlands, was 1995 Grammy nominee for the Best Rock Album. Singles off it, "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman," got Best Rock Performance and Best Metal Performance respectively at the same Grammys. The record was listed on number 336 in "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" by Rolling Stone in 2003 and on number 5 in Guitar World's "Top Ten List of Guitar Albums of 1994."

Here're a few takes from the performance. Enjoy!

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