Soundgarden Respond To Billy Corgan Rant

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman slammed bands like Soundgarden for reuniting just for "one more round at the till", but Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron doesn't begrudge him for questioning their reunion.

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Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has responded to comments by Billy Corgan who said bands like Soundgarden had only reformed for "one more round at the till".

Corgan later clarified his opinion, suggesting they were in relation to comments Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in 2007. "He didn't consider our reunion to be 'legitimate'", said Corgan.

Now Cameron has gone on record with a very diplomatic response from the Soundgarden camp:

"I watched a couple of interviews that he did, kind of recently, where he was just talking about the current music scene, and I kind of agree with him on a lot of stuff", Matt told WXDX FM (via Blabbermouth). "I personally would never, sort of, begrudge another musician for having a gig. Because that's kind of what we do this for".

Cameron continued: "I certainly understand why people would question bands that reunite... So I'll just leave it at that".

Hear "Been Away Too Long" from the forthcoming Soundgarden album "King Animal" here:

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Was Corgan right that old bands are just reuniting for the money, or is it a good thing that new fans get a chance to see classic acts? Is Corgan a hypocrite? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Nope, I agree with Corgan on a lot of stuff, but he's just being a crybaby about the whole thing. A band wants to make money, so they go on tour. BIG DEAL. I personally don't even care about the whole thing and I can't see how "wanting to make money" (let's put it like this) is a stain in the integrity of any band. Besides, Corgan sort of went into this rant because Cornell had told the same thing when Smashing Pumpkins reunited? Very mature... Anyway, I can't wait for the album.
    The difference is that the pumpkins never reunited because they never broke up.
    They never broke up, and corgans the only original member of the pumpkins left. Says a whole bunch if u ask me
    musicians exist to play music. if you dont like a bands reunion, dont buy the album, dont go to the show
    It's always good to see one of your favourite bands re-unite and put on a good show. It's even better when there's new material. However, Corgan is half right... it is quite bad when they re-unite and put on a sub-par performance and you can tell they're complete has-beens and can no longer put on a quality show. Having seen Soundgarden at the beginning of the year, I can say it's a reunion we should be thankful for; I'm hearing quality music come from them and they put on an incredible performance at this year's Big Day Out.
    Billy kinda backfired on himself didn't he? Didn't Smashing Pumpkins break up and then come back with nearly all new members? but suddenly every other band that wants to get back together is suddenly not in it for the music? Yea Billy, whatever you say.
    Young fan = Love it Old fan = Hate it / Its not the same Usually how it is. I can understand both sides of the argument.
    I personally love when good bands get there shit together and give it another go.
    Billy has beef with Chris Cornell not with Soundgarden as a band.
    One thing I will give Corgan props for is that he changes his setlist for every venue. It's never the same. All the other bands, which includes Soundgarden, pick a 20-something setlist and just run with it for the entire tour.
    I would think the reason Cornell said the SP "reunion" wasn't legitimate is because it's not. W/ no previous members leaving & then coming back, there's no "reunion." I'd say it's more like a "re-branding." Corgan wrote all the SP music, then went solo, then went back to calling his music Smashing Pumpkins. On the other hand, Kim Thayil & Chris Cornell haven't performed together for a long time... they then decided to re-unite all the guys who were in Soundgarden when the band folded in '97 and write new songs TOGETHER.
    Class response to the pretty serious insulting remarks of Billy Corgan. Couldn't agree more with him.
    So what if they're doing it for the money? The current music scene is shit, they are bringing new stuff (not dubstep, lol), they do their best on stage and I personally believe they enjoy it. So why is it relevant?
    First time I saw them was this year at BDO. Was telling my friend how amazing they were, beyond the over played Black Hole Sun. Unfortunatly they played with no real atmosphere, finished early and left fans waiting for a few more hits, and did not come back for an encore. No biggie, let me catch half of Noel's gig.