Soundgarden Streaming Debut Record Reissue in Full

"Screaming Life" is now online.

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Sub Pop records' expanded reissue of the debut Soundgarden release is now streaming online. The "Screaming Life EP" which was originally released in 1987, will be coming out again on digital and double vinyl formats on November 26th. As Spin notes, the record is also bundled with 1988's four track "Fopp EP," and "Sup Pop Rock City," the band’s contribution to the legendary 1988 Sup Pop 200 compilation. Looking back on the record, producer Jack Endino has offered the following thoughts about the band's early days, remembering that he was taken by the blend of "Kim [Thayil's] mad guitar psychedelia and Chris Cornell's still-expanding voice. On this record, you can hear Chris experimenting with his singing as he starts to realize how much range he has to play with. 'Nothing to Say' was the song that made us all look at each other and go, 'Uh, holy crap, how did we do this?'"

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    I would kill to hear Ultramega OK with Superunknown's production
    Superunknown is so perfect. I'm sorry, that's a god-tier album for me. When I listen to it I can't stop, I JUST CAN'T
    This is incredible...I've been a sound garden fan for a decade at least and NEVER heard of this album...I've failed indeed
    I really like Nothing to Say, but I'll be honest I really disliked the rest of Ultramega OK. It just wasn't nearly as good as their later albums.
    1) Nothing to Say wasn't on Ultramega OK 2) It's totally fine for a band to gradually get better with each album and not just shit out a masterpiece right at the start of their careers. UltramegaOK has a few good songs, sure, but it's nothing special. It's a decent debut album though.
    I wasn't bashing Soundgarden. I was just saying Ultramega OK wasn't as good as their later stuff.
    Screaming life and Fopp were prototypical at best. Noone actually loves them the way they claim. Everyones favorite SG album is Badmotorfinger or Superunknown.
    I respectfully disagree
    No you don't, you just think you do. Everything before Louder than Love is extraneous for the most part.
    I'll take Screaming Life / Fopp over Down on the Upside or Ultramega OK any day. Hunted Down is the song I play the most when in a Soundgarden state of mind. Stop telling people what to think I used to not even look beyond Badmotorfinger but when I finally did I realized just how awesome this band really is. They weren't a one or two album wonder, they evolved and the early stuff is so different from the later stuff it would be stupid to compare