Soundgarden Taking a Break: 'That Will Be It for Awhile'

Seattle rockers going separate ways for some time after the current tour.

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According to guitarist Kim Thayil, grunge veterans Soundgarden will go separate ways for some time once the current set of European tour dates is brought to an end.

While talking to Seattle's KIRO Radio, Thayil revealed that each of his bandmates has other projects to work on, making the break inevitable.

"I think [after the European tour] that will be it for awhile. I know that Matt [Cameron]'s going to do some touring with Pearl Jam and I think Chris [Cornell] is going to be working on a solo acoustic record and he might be playing some shows during that."

The guitarist continued by revealing his own future plans, saying, "And I will be working on compiling the Soundgarden B-sides box, which we have a lot of songs that were released on European and Australian releases, movie soundtracks, various things like that that have yet to be compiled and put into album form."

Although he wasn't mentioned by the axeman, bassist Ben Shepherd has also been busy working on a side project, as his debut solo record "In Deep Owl" is set to drop on August 29. The album was already announced with a single titled "Barron Robber."

Soundgarden came back to the music scene in 2010 after a 12-year hiatus. Their latest record, "King Animal," saw its release in November 2012 as the sixth studio effort in the group's opus. With 83,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    Haven't had the chance to see these guys live so please, shorter break this time?
    or an Audioslave reunion, that would be awesome.
    As much as I hate to bring it up, didn't Chris and the rest split on bad-terms? I'd rather watch YouTube of old performances than a live one where a bunch of band members hate their singer...
    I'm pretty sure he's cool with Tom though. At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony, he was sitting right next to Morello.
    considering Tom is pretty much the only one with an attitude out of tom and brad they are probably cool now.
    Another Cornell acoustic record? Ugh
    In all fairness the man can't write a bad song with an acoustic in his hand. Look up his acoustic performance of Scream on YouTube on a talk show in Denmark. Took a crappy synthed up mess and made it, dare I say, enjoyable.
    You had to figure this was the case with the new PJ album coming out. Hope to hear more from SG in the not-too-distant future.
    Exactly. I think too much is being read into what Kim has said. A break was always on the cards when you consider Matt is the drummer for Pearl Jam and them having a new album on the way. I'm sure Ben would like to tour on his new album too. I don't see this as being another long "hiatus". Time will tell
    wtf is this??? they never even toured in Australia on the new album. we're getting shafted so bad.. still no Testmaent, Megadeth, Alice in Chains for ****in' ages!!! Mastodon and Pearl Jam would be nice too.
    Damn I was hoping to see a PJ/SG co-headlining tour. With Matt Cameron pulling double duty on the drums. Ahhh but that was but a pipe dream, hopefully they will be back soon.
    Reading this slightly raised my hopes of Audioslave reuniting for some shows
    Well damn, I really loved King Animal and was hoping they'd make a follow up soon. I guess all we can do is wish them luck with whatever they go forward with. Still though, the Cornell/Thayill chemistry is something that they can't match individually.
    While I'm kinda sad about this news I'm also glad to hear that everyone in the band is going to be doing something til the time comes where they get back together and do stuff as Soundgarden.
    Jesus, UG, at least check the spelling of headline of the story, especially when it's the band name you stuff up.
    As much as I am a Soundgarden fan and I really enjoyed King Animal, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. Not so much by the fact that the band members are going to do their own thing again, but by the thoughts of all of the comments that I read back when it was announced that Soundgarden would be getting back together to record and tour. The comments that claimed that these recent 90s band reunions are just in it for a quick and easy dollar and then they'll disappear again for an extended period. Didn't believe it then, don't want to believe it now. AIC is the only band I can think of that has reunited and has at least a pair of new albums released since getting back together. Help me out if you can think of other bands?
    Sublime with Rome I guess? Pearl Jam (never broke up), Smashing Pumpkins
    I saw them back-to-back nights and they killed it
    I did too, July of 2011. Saw them here in Vancouver then we traveled to Washington to see them again at the Gorge the next day, both shows with the Meat Puppets and QOTSA...Soundgarden was absolutely amazing both nights! Grew up listening to them as a teen in the 90's, never thought they'd reunite so the chance to see 2 shows was a no brainer, and I was more than satisfied with the performances. Also, King Animal wasn't recorded yet (but I DO think it's a fantastic record), so it was basically a 'greatest hits' set, which was fine by me! Saw them this year touring King Animal too and they were good, but the venue had terrible sound...but I don't consider that to be their fault. Actually I'm pretty sure they knew, they seemed as annoyed by it as the rest of us. Anyways, my opinion is they were great live, and if you haven't seen em I hope you get to!
    B-sides box set!!! press that on vinyl and take my money please!!!
    Ste Ramakers
    Dam, I was really hoping they would come to NZ.. I mean, they did for BDO, but the rest of the line up was shit, so nobody went. (I think they even opened the gates and started letting people in for free haha) Wanted them to come back for a proper concert.
    What the.... The new album rocked, and I was reading an interview a few weeks ago where Chris said the synergy between him and Kim is something he'll never find in another guitarist and that it's so great to be back. And then this bombshell drops?! I really hope it's a year or less
    Love Soundgarden but they've been one of the most disappointing bands I've seen live.
    i don't know what live show you saw. they were excellent at voodoo fest a year ago
    good cos they're very boring live!
    Man I love Soundgarden, but I saw them once back in the day, and they just sucked live.
    Looked forward to watching them at Download Festival last year and fell asleep half way through. Very meh.
    I think all the guys got too used to doing their own thing or something different during their break. Hopefully this is just a few years... they make their best music together.