Soundgarden Talk New Album: 'We'd Like to Make a Record That's More Raw'

artist: Soundgarden date: 10/04/2013 category: music news

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Soundgarden Talk New Album: 'We'd Like to Make a Record That's More Raw'
After announcing a break and then reassuring fans that they're not stopping to make new records, Seattle rockers Soundgarden have now actually discussed what they would like the new effort to sound like. During a chat with O2 Academy, the band named gritty raw approach as the proper one at the moment. "The evolution might have already happened to a certain degree, but I think we'd like to just make a record that's more raw, that just kind of has a little more bite, a little more guitar," said drummer Matt Cameron. "Way less piano," bassist Ben Shepherd jokingly chipped in. However, guitarist Kim Thayil also noted that the specific plans are yet to be laid down. "We don't have plans, but we have the desire and interest in making another album," he said. The rest of the interview saw the band comparing today's touring with the '90s concert treks, pointing out that things are definitely easier today when it comes to hitting the road. "Nowadays it seems a lot less stressful somehow, more professional or something," Shepherd said. "It's a different vibe from what we used to do. There was always some outside pressure on the band back then, it was kind of gnarly," he concluded. Soundgarden released their latest effort "King Animal" in November 2012 through Seven Four Entertainment.
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