Soundgarden Talk New Album: 'We'd Like to Make a Record That's More Raw'

Seattle rockers discuss future plans. "More bite, more guitars," says drummer Matt Cameron.

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After announcing a break and then reassuring fans that they're not stopping to make new records, Seattle rockers Soundgarden have now actually discussed what they would like the new effort to sound like. During a chat with O2 Academy, the band named gritty raw approach as the proper one at the moment. "The evolution might have already happened to a certain degree, but I think we'd like to just make a record that's more raw, that just kind of has a little more bite, a little more guitar," said drummer Matt Cameron. "Way less piano," bassist Ben Shepherd jokingly chipped in. However, guitarist Kim Thayil also noted that the specific plans are yet to be laid down. "We don't have plans, but we have the desire and interest in making another album," he said. The rest of the interview saw the band comparing today's touring with the '90s concert treks, pointing out that things are definitely easier today when it comes to hitting the road. "Nowadays it seems a lot less stressful somehow, more professional or something," Shepherd said. "It's a different vibe from what we used to do. There was always some outside pressure on the band back then, it was kind of gnarly," he concluded. Soundgarden released their latest effort "King Animal" in November 2012 through Seven Four Entertainment.

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    By all means
    Its just like Alice in Chains, wrote a good album to get back on the saddle. Now they want to ride full force. I thoroughly enjoyed The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, and compared to Black Gives Way to Blue I've enjoyed the new album more. I know Soundgarden are going to kick ass with this next album, because they're back. the new album was wiping the cobwebs out and remembering eachother's musical stylings. I'm just loving all my heroes when i was younger are writing again.
    Excellent. Can't wait to hear what they do next.I'm sure the touring is different now because they are all in their late 40s versus early 20s. Just a wild guess...
    You can expect weaker vocals from Chris but I think they'll be tighter musically.
    I saw them in Pittsburgh earlier this year, he actually was really solid live. no complaints from my department.
    I don't know that "more guitar" is the answer, but if by "more raw" he means less polished and glossy and car-commercial-rock sounding, I'm pleased.
    Hopefully, they can find some time in their time off to do a mini-tour of Canada, and hit some of the places they missed last time...
    King Animal was awesome. I could have done without Halfway There, and my favourite tunes were Non State Actor and Blood on the Valley floor. But I don't bemoan the fact that they're not as heavy as they used to be. They were usually heavy in a sludgy, weird/off beat way, so if they can bring some of that back, that would be cool. Their heaviest songs were b-sides anyways, like Cold Bitch.
    Ste Ramakers
    Hopefully we can all forgive Chris Cornell for not being able to scream quite like he used to. its been a long time. I just think they should focus on songs that dont require him screamiong that way. Most of Down on the Upside didn't have screaming. I was surprisd that he tried as much in the new one to sing that way. but musically it was spot on, great album. A bit over produced though for sure. Geez I'm rambling.....
    Be cool if they went back to the rawness a la "Ultramega Ok" or their "Screaming Life" EP. Songs like "Hands All Over" or "Nothing to Say" were great. Also, "Jesus Christ Pose" was excellent. I like their heavier songs a lot more, it seems. Though I still enjoy their normal rock songs.