Soundgarden To Play Obama Inauguration Ball

artist: Soundgarden date: 01/21/2013 category: music news
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Soundgarden To Play Obama Inauguration Ball
Soundgarden have been announced amongst the performers scheduled to play at President Obama's inauguration Ball this evening (21st January). Soundgarden will appear alongside Alicia Keys, Black Violin, Brad Paisley, Far East Movement, FUN., members of the Glee cast, John Legend, Katy Perry, Maná, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder and Usher at the Washington Convention Center. The news comes after Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil has spoken out about claims that the band's reunion was a cash in. Guitarist was angered by claims that the band's latest tours have been a 'cash grab': "Matt had some songs he wanted us to learn. We said, 'Sure, we'll learn your ditties.' We did, and we had a blast we loved the songs and other ideas were coming out. "Eventually they hit the road again, and released compilation album Telephantasm. There were some reviews that said, 'Soundgarden is obviously doing a cash grab,'" "I thought, 'How is it a cash grab? Since when is there money in making records any more? Since when do we need the money? We had a fairly successful career. "Matt Cameron's played in Pearl Jam, for God's sake. Why the hell does he need to spend another 20 hours a week writing, rehearsing Soundgarden songs and tending to Soundgarden business? He's doing just fine, thank you. "I don't think Chris needs the money it seems like he did pretty well with Audioslave and his solo career. I've been semi-retired. I didn't need the money. I guess if I needed to I could have started a band and toured a whole bunch."
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