Soundgarden: 'We've Got Such Good Creative Chemistry'

Soundgarden's Kim Thayil and Matt Cameron have described going back into the studio to record their first album in 14 years as "relatively easy".

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Guitarist Kim Thayil says the album process began two years ago when singer Chris Cornell said he wanted to go into the studio to work on a handful of songs he had written.

He says (via NME): "We went to the place where we rehearsed for live performances and started writing there. We started these songs that had been written individually, but then began working collectively." Drummer Matt Cameron added that the band didn't find it difficult working together again, despite not having released an album since 1988's 'Ultramega OK'. He says: "We've got such a good creative chemistry and it seemed like it was still there after all these years apart."

"That's one thing I was most interested in doing when it came to getting back together, and the songs came relatively easily once we put our minds to it. The songs came pretty quick. Chris had a lot of completed songs, and rest of us had bits and pieces that we all fleshed out together."

Thayil also stated that at no point did any member of the band point out that they were making an album, while Cameron added: "There was no added pressure of saying 'Let's make a record after so many years'. If you think that way it can get in the way of the whole process. We tried to keep it as laid back and relaxed as possible."

Soundgarden released "King Animal" on November 12.

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    despite not having released an album since 1988's 'Ultramega OK Whoa, that's just wrong!
    I was trying to find a way to reverse his words and maybe he was trying to say something else, but yeah he just says they haven't released an album in twenty four years.
    If you watch the interview on NME, it's actually Matt Cameron, not Chris Cornell, who wanted to go into the studio and work on a few songs he had written
    I think if they make another album it will be better because it's "fresh material", and not songs that have been around for years constantly being changed. Also his vocals could be more diverse like tracks such as "Dusty", "Head Down", "Blow Up the Outside World", and "4th of July."
    If their creative chemistry was that intact, they would have cut Been Away too Long and Halfway There, rewrote the vocal entrance to Non-State Actor, and rewrote the hooks to Bones of Birds and Worse Dreams.
    Man I SOOOOO want to like this new Soundgarden album. It has a great sound to it and ive tried to let it percolate for a while, but damn if I can't pick out even one song that really sticks out or is better than average.