Soundgarden Working on New Material: 'We Could Release an Album Tomorrow'

"It goes from 0 to 60 really fast," Chris Cornell explains.

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Discussing chances of unleashing a brand new Soundgarden record in the near future, frontman Chris Cornell unexpectedly announced that the new effort might as well "happen tomorrow."

As Chris told KROQ radio, the band is at a point where things are expected to happen organically.

"We haven't been in a studio writing, but because everyone brings song ideas in, it goes from 0 to 60 really fast," the frontman said (via Loudwire). "All of a sudden everyone will have 2 things, and that’s 8 songs you have to work on, and already you're well into making an album, and that could happen tomorrow."

Cornell further added, "We've made a lot of albums, how do you make the next one, and what is your reason for making it? You've got to do something else. We've always got to reach. But having said that, we always naturally do that anyways."

The latest Soundgarden studio record, "King Animal," saw its release in November 2012 via Seven Four Entertainment.

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    Cool. Know what would've been even cooler though - if you actually did release a new album tomorrow! My mind would probably explode if that happened.
    But then UG wouldn't be able to write articles about the upcoming album for two years...
    King Animal was incredibly underrated as a Soundgarden album, definitely in my top 3.
    King Animal was great. I personally liked it way more than Down On The Upside. I hope a new album comes soon. New Temple Of The Dog would be amazing too.
    I Just got into them about a week ago: Without kidding, I think the album actually made my life a little better, as if Soundgarden and Pearl Jam had sex and I was the lighting guy for the porno Shoot! By the way, as far as I'm concerned my analogy is spot on.
    If I were the lighting guy at a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam porno shoot, my life would be pretty miserable.
    King Animal is pretty good, but really is nowhere near Down On The Upside, there's just too much filler that sounds like Cornell's solo stuff
    Pretty cool to see Soundgarden and AiC full of energy again. Already looking forward to what they will put out in the future, King Animal was great.
    Ah great news! Really excited what they will make. Also, Please release some B-sides and other cool stuff on cd. For axample song blind dogs.
    King Animals was very boring and that was me trying to like it with it on repeat in my truck. Their worst album IMO
    Lt. Shinysides
    King Animal is my favorite album of theirs, and that was their very first attempt after 20 years. I can only imagine how kick ass a new soundgarden album will be. this needs to happen ASAP.
    I wish they would. The grunge bands need to get back into the stripped down sounds. They should go into the studio, record, and get out as quickly as possible and show some of the raw emotion we saw back in the 90s.
    If Abraham lincoln and Pikachu were in a fight, who would win? Please answer i need to know
    Abraham Lincoln is dead.
    Who would win in a fight: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich vs. a taco?
    PB&J, no question about it....
    This isn't even remotely funny, you tried but you'll go down into a pit of doom where all the failed UGtrolls hang out. btw, King Animal was a quite decent effort so I'm interested in how a potential next album will sound.
    It's funny. What he describes is basically just being in a band. Everyone writes something at some point if they're in a band. This ain't really news.
    I really liked King Animal. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are probably the only two "grunge" bands whose current material completely lives up to what they were doing in the 90's for me.