Spike Jonze to Direct Live Music Video for Arcade Fire's 'Afterlife'

Spike Jonze has been tagged to serve as the ceremony's creative director.

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On Sunday night, the first annual YouTube Music Awards will take place live on YouTube, Consequence of Sound reports. Spike Jonze has been tagged to serve as the ceremony’s creative director and, according to NME, part of his tasks include creating live music videos for the night's performers, specifically Arcade Fire and Lady Gaga. Jonze told NME that he and a series of directors, including Chris Milk, will be mixing the videos live for broadcast. The performances will take place in a large warehouse, he explained, "so instead of it being in a theatre where everyone's performing their song to an audience we're going to have sets all around the warehouse and each artist will have a different set. There are different ideas, some have narratives, one of them doesn't really have the artist in it. We're trying to take the music video format and produce it live." For Arcade Fire, Jonze will be creating a video for "Afterlife." The two previously collaborated on Arcade Fire's short film Scenes From the Suburbs," and the band is contributing new music to Jonze’s upcoming film, "Her." The YouTube Music Awards take place Sunday beginning at 6pm ET. Along with Arcade Fire and Gaga, it will feature performances from Eminem, M.I.A., Earl Sweatshirt, and Tyler the Creator.

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    broken ipod
    Can't wait for the indie pop rock and indie folk scene to die out. It's all they have been playing on rock radio nowadays and it is horrible.
    Arcade Fire's new album is awesome. Don't complain about it being bad if rock radio stations are playing it. If it's playing indie folk and indie pop, then it's not really a "rock radio" station, now is it?
    broken ipod
    The three stations around me that play rock, 98 rock, dc 101.1 and hfs 97.5 all use to play more in the way of rock. 101.1 and 97.5 are both alt though so it could be exacted, and still, there never was this much indie even on those stations. Recently they all have begun to play a large amount of indie pop rock and folk. Instead of bands like Van Halen, Tool, and Black Sabbath, they have been playing more Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, Capital Cities, and Atlas Genius. Unfortunately we are coming to the point where there will be no "rock radio" stations around and these bands are playing into that.
    Maybe because Van Halen, Tool and Black Sabbath haven't released anything good in a while and OMAM, M&S etc are popular worldwide by a large and diverse crowd. If you don't like whats on the radio there's always the option of turning off