Spinal Tap to Return Next Year

The fictional band are set to make a comeback on the 30th anniversary of their classic comedy film "This is Spinal Tap."

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Spinal Tap will return in 2014, according to its co-creator and star Christopher Guest (via Guardian).

Guest played guitarist Nigel Tufnel in the classic metal comedy "This is Spinal Tap" which remains a hilarious parody of hair metal in the 1980s.

The band may have reformed for the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2009 for 130,000 people, but now Tufnell tells the Guardian that plans are brewing for a comeback in 2014 on the 30th anniversary of the original film's release.

"Since the film 30 years ago we've gone on tour, playing Wembley, the Albert Hall, Carnegie Hall. It's weird but great the fiction became real," said Guest. "We get asked to do shows on a regular basis. But what I will say is that were in the midst of talking about something for next year."

Meanwhile, Guest is preparing to launch a new sitcom called "Family Tree" which also features his fellow Spinal Tap actor Michael McKean who returns with an English accent - though it was hard to get the accent back, says Guest.

"It took him a little time," he said. "Michael's an incredibly gifted actor but he doesn't know anything about football, so I had to explain the sport to him because his character is a big Tottenham fan."

Do you like the idea of a big Spinal Tap reunion? Let us know below.

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    They'd better start looking for a new drummer. One that can stay alive long enough for tours.
    The Spinal Tap predated hair metal by several years, and was instead a parody of British Metal.
    Nigel Tufnel was the guitarist/secondary vocalist, not the bassist
    I hope they perform Lick My Love Pump in D minor, you know, the saddest of all keys.
    I really need to see the movie, I only know about the 11 amp.
    and his Les Paul where you can hear the sustain and still get a bite to eat and still hear it. especially when he mentions that he can hear it when playing, which invalidates all arguments about wood types for guitar bodies which everyone fights about. and no, don't look at Nigel's prized guitar. don't touch it and don't look at it.
    Rob Reiner needs to get his camera back out and make another Rockumentary.
    The Movie was great,but I wouldn't spend a dime to see a fake band. Actors pretending to be musicians performing comedy rock. 30th anniversary = cash in time,and the sheep will line up.LOL
    I'd pay plenty money to have seen The Blues Brothers live, don't see how this is so different. It's entertainment, and perhaps a tad more light-hearted/satirical than most heavy metal performances, but still fun in a different way.
    So you must think Sgt. Pepper's is just a like of crap?
    Actually I love Sgt.Pepper considering it was made by a real band, you know.... the Beatles.
    I honestly find this band, their film and everything related to them extremely boring and about as funny as having your legs eaten by a shark. They're like Tenacious D (which is also unfunny and cringeworthy) in the 80s. I'll never understand why talking about them has become a recurrent thing among rock fans. But each one to his own...
    Satire not your thing?
    No, I like some. I just can't seem to laugh at a stereotypical late 70s rock band on tour, trying so hard to be funny (and failing miserably).
    if you dont like spinal tap maybe try steel panther. totally different bands.
    Hey, I do find Steel Panther quite entertaining and the music is somewhat good. A lot less forced than Spinal Tap IMO.
    "I'll never understand why talking about them has become a recurrent thing among rock fans." Probably because rock fans like them. I know, it's a difficult concept to grasp.
    Did you read the "each one to his own" at the end? I know that, dear Einstein wannabe.
    Yes, I did. Why you bothered questioning why people talk about them, and THEN saying "to each his own" is the amusing part, as well as the condescending nature of the entire comment. I don't mean to be "that guy" by saying this, but when I see an article about a band I dislike, I usually pass it buy. You know, like a normal person.
    I know it's a cliche thing to say but... Dave Grohl on drums?
    God, no. That would tarnish Dave Grohl's brilliant career.
    Other way around.
    No, not really. Dave Grohl has earned respect for his work with Nirvana and have made it big with Foo Fighters, not to mention all his 84923849389 side projects and collaborations. It would be a shame to see him throwing it all away by joining this godawful excuse for both a band and a comedy act.
    Oh, you mean like his work in Tenacious D? Considering a lot of people actually like and respect Spinal Tap, he wouldn't be "throwing it all away". Maybe to YOU, but not to the majority.