Spoof Nine Inch Nails Track Scores 300,000 Streams in 5 Days

artist: Nine Inch Nails date: 02/04/2014 category: music news

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Spoof Nine Inch Nails Track Scores 300,000 Streams in 5 Days
2014 is shaping up to be a good year for parody songs.

AsĀ Classic Rock reports, a Nine Inch Nails parody titled "This Is A Trent Reznor Song" has gone viral in 5 days, receiving over 300,000 hits. The track, by LA musician Freddy Scott, is a light hearted riff on the band. The musician notes that his parody is "in the best possible taste."

"It's a song I made about the songwriting process of one of my musical heroes."

The release of the track comes just a few days after comedians Jon Daly and Cyrus Ghahremani achieved a similar feat with their spot-on Red Hot Chili Peppers parody Abracadabralifornia. The song has already received accolades from Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, who recently tweeted his approval:

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