Spotify to Inform Users When Artists Withhold Music From Service

The first notifications sent were about "Ghost Stories."

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Spotify has started to inform listeners when an artist has chosen to withhold their music from the digital streaming service, NME reports.

The decision became apparent when fans attempting to listen to the new Coldplay album, "Ghost Stories," were greeted with the following message.

"The artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify. We are working on it and hope they will change their mind soon."

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper, a spokesperson from Spotify has stated:

"Coldplay has decided not to make 'Ghost Stories' available on Spotify and other streaming services. There are tens of millions of the best music fans in the world using Spotify and we're obviously disappointed at the band's decision to withhold this album from them."

Currently, only the single tracks from "Ghost Stories" - "Magic," "Midnight" and "A Sky Full of Stars" are available on Spotify. Coldplay held their last album, "Mylo Xyloto" from the streaming service until four months after it had been released on other formats.

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    Spotify is great though. There isnt really a need to download music illegally anymore.
    Former pirate that converted to Spotify here, I can confirm this. Spotify premium is a great deal if you listen to a lot of music.
    My only complaint about it is the shuffle algorithm. When I throw together 10 hours of music, I shouldn't hear the first hour on repeat.
    my only complaint is that the service is called legal and artists make next to nothing from the "hits" they get.
    They signed the contracts, they knew what they were getting into. If they only realise how low the payout is after signing the papers, they're either morons or have an over inflated ego for thinking everyone will love their shit.
    Spotify are acting as though their users literally have no other means to hear music. Retarded.
    well, I love how easy it is to listen music through spotify, and I really was annoyed that I had to use something different just to listen to it. therefor I haven't listened to it as of yet. I mean, It's now like you listen to 1 album using Winamp, and another using Windows Media Player, right?
    Right, it's like you use WMP or iTunes for everything except that one FLAC album you have sitting around. That's how I feel about Spotify not having anything by Tool even listed.
    On the contrary, they seem utterly grieved by the fact that they miss so much income with no one listening to Ghost Stories through Spotify.
    Go to a record store and buy the album.
    Before listening to it? Especially when it's apparently a drastic change in direction for the band, I don't think so.
    Oh right I forgot, people who pirate things are just "testing" the music/movie/game/series to help make a more informed decision on buying the product and thus aiding the producer to keep on creating further products. Right. Singles are supposed to be that tester thing. People just tend to take for free what they aren't forced to pay for.
    See, that makes me think you're not a real fan. I agree with Artturi. Singles are how people sample new albums. If you liked the singles and are actually a fan of the band, then you'd buy the album.
    That's not a good way to do it because I quite like the new Offspring album, but I hate the single and wasn't going to buy it until I heard the rest.
    local files can be imported into spotify and even be made available on your mobile device (offline that is). I love Spotify
    Oh trust me, I'm a Coldplay fan and looking at the majority of the fanbase, they either use Spotify or buy the album. Very devoted fan base who don't like ripping off the band. This is a smart move by the band and it also gives the chance for Ghost Stories to mellow out a bit
    From a business standpoint this is a good move by Coldplay. I imagine fans will be more likely to buy the album when they find out they can't stream it. Still annoying though
    they can either make money through steams on spotify, or lose money because people pirate it instead.
    This one might be able to sell, it´s almost a pop album so maybe they will attract the crowd that still buys music?
    I feel like they should maybe post WHY the artist withheld the music. I mean the article makes it seem like the artist just wanted to be a dick, but who's to say that it's not because Spotify wasn't wanting to pay them shit for the music or something? I feel like this is a pressure tactic to get musicians to put all of their stuff on Spotify so that they don't look bad. Maybe that's just me though, I could be way off base.
    I guess at least they're allowing it, so bands have more of a chance to get revenue up, but if it's only Spotify, it won't work (like the first comment under this article). Plus, there are still quite a lot of sites where you can download these songs for free. Not much change from this move, I'm guessing.
    If they're hoping to generate more album sales using this tactic, I doubt it will work. If it's not on Spotify, its just going to get pirated.