Springsteen Is Backing Obama

The Boss endorses US President in open letter.

Ultimate Guitar

Yesterday, Ultimate-Guitar shared a number of celebrity reactions to the 2nd US Presidential debate that had been posted on Twitter.

Now, NME is reporting that rock icon Bruce Springsteen has endorsed incumbent US President Barack Obama in the upcoming elections in an open letter posed on his website, which reads as follows:

"Right now, we need a President who has a vision that includes all of our citizens, not just some, whether they are our devastated poor, our pressured middle class, and yes, the wealthy too; whether they are male or female, black, white, brown, or yellow, straight or gay, civilian or military. For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together. We're still living through very hard times but justice, equality and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in. They are more often a slow march, inch by inch, day after long day. I believe President Obama feels these days in his bones and has the strength to live them with us and to lead us to a country '... where no one crowds you and no one goes it alone'."

Springsteen, who until recent years has not endorsed any political candidate, also showed his support for Obama in the 2008 election. Back in the 1984 presidential race, Bruce hit out at Ronald Reagan for using his track "Born In The U.S.A." in has campaign speeches, the song's anthemic chorus was played, in spite of the fact that the rest of the track is about returning Vietnam veterans unable to readjust into society. Springsteen had described the song as being about "a working-class man" [in the midst of a] "spiritual crisis, in which man is left lost...It's like he has nothing left to tie him into society anymore. He's isolated from the government. Isolated from his family... to the point where nothing makes sense."

Think that the Boss should be endorsing Obama? Let us know in the comments.

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    do politics make anyone else's skin crawl?
    Yes. Just thinking about the mental state of the people who actually want positions with this kind of power is a little frightening.
    UG should only post these articles if they are actually shocking. For example, "Nuggent Endorsed Barrack Obama Today. Says Nuggent, 'I was always a super-liberal, I'm surprised people didn't pick up on it. I mean, for f^%$s sake, I was in PETA for the last 15 years. How come know one figured this out. This country is dumb...I'm moving to Canada.'"
    Hey look, another article about musicians' political opinions.
    Obama FTW
    Yeah this shit is really getting annoying.
    Considering your username I thought it would make you happy that musicians are supporting Obama.
    Obama FTW
    Well you'd think that but in all seriousness, I just can't wait until this election is over. I'm sick of arguing over politics and hearing who supports who. At this point... I just don't care.
    What are all these musicians gonna do for headlines when the election is over?
    "What are all these musicians gonna do for headlines when the election is over?" --Celebrity Rehab
    Ryan Domengeaux
    Here's a crazy idea, lets stop caring about what celebrities have to say about the election and think for ourselves.
    Does anyone really choose a candidate because "enter name of celebrity" endorses them? Would you jump off a bridge because "The Boss" told you to?
    no, but it tells me something when Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Dave Mustaine support someone. That i should vote the opposite!
    Does anyone really choose a candidate because some yahoo posting on social media/news anchors/their friends/a guy standing in the middle of Times Square tells them to? Everyone is bombarded with political opinions from every direction during election season and it certainly does affect some peoples' opinions. If you're someone with a strong opinion, a lot of clout in society and a medium through which to express it, why wouldn't you use that opportunity.
    Yes actually it does, and those are people that candidates target the most due to their hiveminded zombie fanbase. Opera was a huge one for obama.
    Well, at least he's not a nutjob like Nugent. Still don't give a sh*t about his opinion though.....
    I could not care less about the US elections. I live in spain and I get them shoved down my throat every single day. Who cares who an artist votes for?
    Can UG please stop posting political stuff every day? This makes me miss the days of their extremely misleading news article titles.
    Get off your high horse n stop complaining. UG posted 12 new articles today, 1 of them was about politics. If you don't want to read it, click the 'more news' link.
    And one of the main headlines is either, "Dave Mustaine bashes Obama," "Tom Morello blasts Paul Ryan," etc and it's always either the top headline or in the top 5 on the front page.
    My point still stands. Click the link and look at the other stories. People are obviously interesed in these stories. Look at how many comments these get in relation to the other articles.
    I come here to read and converse with others about music, not flame wars that is baited by UG posting stuff like this every day. Sure there will be people interested, but there are plenty that don't. Here I'll list some quotes of other UG users about this article, Hey look, another article about musicians' political opinions, and Yeah this shit is really getting annoying, and ok, and This is almost as surprising as Ted Nugent backing Romney, and What a surprise. Not news, and No one care, etc. It gets the comments as it is designed to just start flame wars and it's in the headline section, those always get the most attention.
    I have no respect for Springsteen. He dumped a model to marry the ugly redhead who can't sing. The man's opinions are obviously messed up.
    He can support whomever he wants. It's his right. However, it is your right not to vote as he wants you to vote. I think that people who vote for someone just because a celeb recommended it, is a freaking dumbass.
    As if Obama's acomplished any of what he's talking about yet, besides advocating every social minority out there lol
    Are you for real right now, springsteen? This is why I don't talk politics with anyone. What a moron.
    Wish Ron Paul could be President... America is too stupid to vote for him
    Or maybe because the realize that libertarianism together with communism are amazingly naive political views.
    This is great news. Obama is easily top 5 presidents in history, only racists disagree i mean you cant deny his achievments. Anyone who would support the rich douche romney is an idiot, no offense
    Sammy Mantis
    LMFAO! Can you name one single achievement of Barack Obama? I'd be very interested to hear what you think these "achievements" might be.
    I dont know Sammy, how about BEING THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? I know, not much of an accomplishment there. How about the Equal pay act? Bringing this country out of the 2nd worst economic situation in its history? Killing Osama BinLaden? (and yes, the SEALS killed him, but did it under orders from Obama). Keeping the auto industry from going bust? And doing all of this with the most uncooperative congress ever seen. Id say hes doing a pretty remarkable job. Especially for a Muslim, Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Christian Kenyan.
    So being black is an accomplishment? I think Sammy is referring to accomplishments Obama made AFTER he was elected. Which are basically none. Obama had little to do with the equal pay act. He just signed it after someone else wrote it and after it was passed through Congress. As Obama himself would say, he didn't build it, someone else built it for him. Bringing the country out of the 2nd worse economic situation? I hate to break it to you, but gas is $5 a gallon, unemployment is 7.8% and there was a huge increase in jobless claims. Bush had more to do with killing Bin Laden than Obama did. It was directly due to Bush's enhanced interrogation techniques (Which Obama stopped) that led to the information that tracked down Bin Laden. All Obama did was not say no to the mission. Big frickin' deal. What a hero he is. Meanwhile he is killing American citizens with drones without due process. The auto industry is still in shambles. Romney would have allowed them to go bankrupt and then re-form in a stronger capacity. Instead you have the GM still holding on by it's fingertips. And let's not forget the pending tax increase that will kick in when the Bush tax expires. And let's not forget Obama's regime selling guns to Mexican drug dealers and then lying about it. And let's not forget Obama's lies about Libya. Yeah he has been a heck of a president.. hahaha
    You must watch FOX news, because this is the same BS they spew. First, the President has nothing to do with gas prices. Look it up. Second, the unemployment rate is at 7.8 you are correct, but 7.8 is better than the 10% it was at. Bush himself admitted that going after Bin Laden wasnt a big priority, and we all saw how well his intelligence worked in Afghanistan and Iraq. If the auto industry would have followed Romneys plan Gm would be no more. It would have been sold off in pieces to other auto makers. Most likely Honda and Toyota, so there go ALL of those jobs. Which in turn affects the parts manufacturers in the United States. Less companies to sell parts to. So there go more jobs. And yeah, those Bush tax cuts (that benefit the rich) will really kill this country. Let me ask you a question. Why is it this country is in a financial crisis, yet Wall Street is making more money than they did under Bush? I thought if you give the rich people the money they create jobs? And as for your logic with the Equal Pay Act, no President is ever responsible for anything then. They dont create every bill, they just sign someone elses work.
    You must watch MSNBC news, because this is the same BS they spew. See what I did there genius? Actually I knew someone like you would automatically think I'm a right wing Republican. I'm not. I'm an independant. I do watch Fox News, and MSNBC, and CNN, and listen to a variety of shows, both left and right wing. You are so in love with the idea of Obama, you are blinded by his reality. He isn't black Jesus. He is just a man who is a failure when it comes to his job. Obama promised his 850 billion dollar stimulus would take unemployment to 6%. Well guess what, he failed in that promise. Sure he has excuses, but he made a promise and didn't live up to it. He failed, or he intentionally lied. You can pick. He watched and did nothing while two Americans fought for their lives in Libya for 7 hours. He then covered up the fact it was a terrorist attack, sending out his minions to spread the lie about the stupid video. Now he is stone walling the investigation until after the election. Do you really think the Bush tax cut won't affect you? Well maybe not if you are on welfare. But anyone with a job will have their taxes raised. It's about $2,500 a year for me. And no I'm not rich. If you want to give more money to the government for more BS programs, knock yourself out. But I would rather keep my money. GM is a failure. They have to restructure or it will be a failure again. It is not the government's role to keep businesses in business. The strong survive, the weak fail. Whether it is two years ago, or two years from now. You are right no president is responsible for the bill, yet you initially gave him credit for it. So you are admitting he didn't "build it". Of course Presidents have alot to do with gas prices. Are you high son? Obama has effectively eliminated oil exploration on public land and off shore. And he has so far killed the Canadian pipeline. More gas = lower prices. Duh!
    He's half black. His mom is white. Therefore he is the first HALF black HALF white president. And you are a HALFwit race card pulling waste of organic matter.
    kind of figured he'd wouldn't back either after the tone of wrecking ball.
    That's what I thought to, event though I always thought he was an Obama guy. Even as a Canadian Wrecking Ball carries a very driving message of the times we are living here in North America as a whole.
    Sprungsteen is a hack. So, he loves obama. Maybe, like Chris Mathews, he also gets a tingle up his leg.
    "We're still living through very hard times but justice, equality and real freedom are not always a tide rushing in." You cant have freedom with government forced equality.
    Yeah well if you vote for Romney, then you will have government forced inequality, go figure... USA has probably got the biggest gap between rich and poor in the Western world, and it's pretty clear that Romney doesn't give a shit about that.
    are you forgetting what born in the usa was about mr springsteen??
    He wrote it, I'm pretty sure he he's aware what the song is about. If you want to compare the song meaning versus his pro-Obama ideology, he probably believes that It isn't as likely for Obama to shit on America and its Vets', than Romney doing it. Remember, here's a guy (Romney) who appears to bent on abolishing Veteran entitlements, EG education benefits. Holy shit this isn't the site politics!! woe is us UG'ers
    Considering obama was born in Kenya, I guess he doesn't.
    You birthers are absolutely pathetic. Instead of addressing the real issues like health care, education, the economy, equal pay for women, etc you talk about how Obama is a Muslim and wasn't born in the United States. Go away.
    He can endorse whoever he wants, I don't think there is many people at his level of success in the music biz that pay attention to politics though, I'm not saying they're ignorant they probably have stuff to do.
    Saying Springsteen is for Obama is stating quite the obvious...thats like having a headline about Elton John being gay. We already know Springsteen is a Obama Koolaid drinker.
    Second Rate
    honestly... i absolutely hate the snotty closing questions in these articles. Do i think Springsteen should be endorsing Obama? YES. I think Springsteen is a smug, pretentious, hypocrite (pays less in property taxes than his neighbors even though he owns more property, yet reps the whole social justice tip), but this is the United States of America and he has freedom of speech. Should rockstars stay out of politics? No, but they (and their apologists) shouldn't complain when others disagree (however passionately) with their opinion. If we all just goosestepped along doing the same thing, life would be pretty boring. Mr. Springsteen should note, however, that the whole social justice thing is incompatible with "real freedom." In a free society, there is always going to be inequality. It sucks when you see some poor bastard on the side of the road homeless, and you should help them if you feel like it, but there will never come a day when everyone is equal. A much wiser musician than Mr. Springsteen once said: "Some people can do carpentry, some people can do mathematics, some people are brain surgeons and some people are winos and that's the way it is, and we're not all the same. This concept of one world-ism, everything blended and smoothed out to this mediocre norm that everybody downgrades themselves to be is stupid." Bruce... and a lot of others of the hippie ilk would do well to learn this.
    To be fair none of the American politicians are anything other than idiots. And before you start our British ones are no better.
    Such idiots, i mean, we, here reading UG tabloids, can do SO much better...
    This is just a repeat of Carter and Reagan. The economy is the biggest issue for our country because most people want more take home money from their jobs, and the price of everything is rising. The University of Colorado has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1980, using the economy as one of the largest factors in deciding who people will vote for. Celebrites who have no clue about politics really need to keep their factless opinions to themselves. I really don't think politics belong on here, U.G. Now would you please just stop with these pointless articles?