Staind Announce More Jager Dates

The schedule for the upcoming spring edition of the Jagermeister Music Tour continues to take shape, and now stretches into June.

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The schedule for the upcoming spring edition of the Jagermeister Music Tour, featuring Staind, Three Days Grace and Hurt, continues to take shape.

New stops include May performances in Memphis, the Phoenix area and Las Vegas, as well as a half-dozen June dates that extend the run into the middle of that month. Additional shows will be announced for cities including Reno, NV; New York; Boston; Providence, RI; and Wichita, KS, according to the tour's website,

Before the tour gets underway, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis, who played a series of solo-acoustic shows earlier this year, will hit the stage for another such performance at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City on April 8.

Staind's fifth album, "Chapter V," debuted last summer at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 album chart, and is the Massachusetts-based band's third consecutive chart-topper. The disc features the hit singles "Right Here," "Falling" and "Everything Changes."

The tour dates are as follows, according to Jon Zahlaway's article at

  • Aaron Lewis solo:

    04/08 - Atlantic City, NJ - Resorts Casino

  • Staind

    04/20 - McAllen, TX - La Villa Real 04/22 - Lubbock, TX - Lone Star Amphitheatre 04/23 - San Angelo, TX - Coliseum 04/25 - Tulsa, OK - Cain's Ballroom 04/26 - Wichita Falls, TX - Kay Yeager Coliseum 04/28 - Pensacola, FL - Civic Center 05/02 - Knoxville, TN - Civic Coliseum 05/03 - Little Rock, AR - Metroplex 05/06 - Jackson, MS - Jackson Coliseum Fairgrounds (Crawfish Festival) 05/07 - Memphis, TN - Tom Lee Park (Beale Street Music Fest) 05/10 - Mesa, AZ - Mesa Amphitheatre 05/12 - Temecula, CA - Pechanga Casino 05/14 - Las Vegas, NV - Rain @ The Palms Hotel 05/16 - Colorado Springs, CO - World Arena 05/17 - Rapid City, SD - Rushmore Plaza Civic Center 05/19 - Cedar Rapids, SD - US Cellular Center 05/20 - Duluth, MN - Pioneer Hall 05/21 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom 05/23 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theatre 05/24 - Springfield, IL - Prairie Capitol Convention Center 05/27 - Noblesville, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center 06/01 - Hampton Beach, NH - Hampton Beach Casino 06/06 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club 06/07 - Cleveland, OH - Nautica Stage 06/12 - Des Moines, IA - Val Air Ballroom 06/14 - Huntsville, AL - UAH Spragins Hall 06/16 - Bossier City, LA - CenturyTel Center 07/02 - Kaneohe Bay, HI - Bayfest

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      Cool. staind are pretty cool. Shame theres no dates in england
      if tickets arent too expenive i may go, show is close to me and a bunch of my friends will probably go. doesnt look like it would be a bad show, and live music is always good.
      who cares? They've released the same song for the past 4 years. They used to be okay, but now... not so much. Nu-metal acoustic dribble.
      good shit cant wait to hear where the show in ny will be hopfully near the city, btw i dont think stainds repetitive i just think the baritone tunings Mike uses have a lot of layers and if you listen closley youll hear a lot more than just low-end low ends good shit though
      Actually cap'nkirk, staind isn't nu-metal. Too bad none of those shows are near me...
      i agree cap'n'kirk the break the cycle album was actually ok,and i enjoyed it a lot when it was released. but really they haven't evolved too much, which is probably why we dont hear about them as much in the uk. his lyrics are now predictable as is the music i think they need a slightly new direction or else i cant see them lasting much longer
      Ah crap, sorry jof, i clicked delete instead of quote on your second post :/
      jof1029 Logz looked lonely
      That i did. (one peice of) spam deleted (sorry jof)
      Gah...Staind is a whiny guy...his lyrics just annoy me. And his singing is in a WHOLE other league of suck. Touring with Three Days Grace? What is this? Nu-Fest?
      ^ three days grace puts on a pretty good show, ive seen them before. if i go to this, itll probably be more to see them than staind. i mean, stained is ok, but im more into three days grace then them. and Logz, dont worry, it wasnt an important comment anyway. /me goes and holds funeral for comment
      WHY DOES NOBODY COME TO PHILLY BUT OZZFEST?? (Aaron Lewis solo: 04/08 - Atlantic City, NJ - Resorts Casino) What's that about? Three days grace are really cool down to earth guys. they headlined a show down in myrtle beach, sc and they out in the crowd during the other bands and were moshing in the pit and shit. and they stopped and had full conversations with everyone who wanted to talk. Who is HURT though? I've heard of them, oretty unoriginal name though.
      Wooo! i saw staind at the garage in glasgow on the 28th of febuary they were the shizz!!!
      ahhh w/e im not going to stick up for staind ive done it too many times there my favorite band you either like them or you dont take it or leave it, despite being rather disappointed in the road they chose to take after 14sog well really dysfunction but still all good records I just dont know what to expect after Chapter 5, well keep this in mind staind plays awsome solo shows when there the only major band playing but hey if you think stainds nu-metal i think your wrong because I though nu-metal had rap lyrics in it?