Staind Singer Attacks Concertgoers for 'Molesting' Girl in Crowd: 'Your Mothers Should Be Ashamed, Pieces of Sh-t!'

"You should all be f--king beaten down by everyone around you for being f--king pieces of sh-t," Aaron Lewis shouted.

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Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has severely berated a group of concertgoers at this year's Rockfest in Kansas City for allegedly "molesting" a crowd-surfing girl.

During the May 31 show, the singer has abruptly stopped the group's performance of "Something to Remind You" to address the "f--king a-sholes" in the audience.

"Alright, listen up, you f--king a-sholes - that f--king girl right there is, like, 15 f--king years old and you f--king pieces of sh-t are molesting her while she's on the f--king crowd!" Aaron shouted.

Nearly calling for a public lynch, the frontman added, "Your f--king mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of sh-t! You should all be f--king beaten down by everyone around you for being f--king pieces of sh-t. If I f--king see that sh-t again, I swear to God, I will point you out in the crowd and have everyone around you beat your f--king a-s."

The event itself, which included performances of Korn, Five Finger Death Punch, Steel Panther and more, went on without much incidents. "It has been a pretty well-behaved crowd," executive producer Joe Litvag told the Kansas City Star. "But when you have more than 50,000 people - well, there were a few alcohol-related incidents. But nothing unusual."

Check out the video of the entire incident below.

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    Regarding Joe Vitvag's 'alcohol related incidents' comment, people don't have to be under the influence to be sexually perverse
    1.) I don't think he was talking about "sexually perverse" incidents. 2.) It's rather well-known that alcohol affects your ability to make good decisions.
    Glad to see someone still gives a shit... He's obviously protective of his own daughters and other peoples as well.... Good for him!!
    I don't care much for their music personally but Aaron just earned a shitload of respect from me.
    Not to be "that" guy but maybe she was crowd surfing awkwardly and made it hard to not touch, know what Im saying? Ive seen people crowd surf face down and there junk goes right in my face, sometimes theres no eluding it. But Aaron is cool for looking after his fans.
    Seen Aaron a bunch of times, both with Staind and solo. From these experiences, I have to say, I'm not in the least bit surprised. My opinion of him couldn't be higher. Hopefully there are more role models like him in the industry.
    Wow guys, he's cursing so much. The Staind audience of edgy children just love that. Aaron Lewis should be careful where he's putting that edge. >2014 lrn2browniepoints