Staind's Aaron Lewis Keeps It Country

Aaron Lewis has signed with Blaster Entertainment as he continues to grow his country music career.

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Aaron Lewis has signed with Blaster Entertainment as he continues to grow his country music career.

Lewis received rave reviews for his inaugural country music project, "Town Line", a solo EP that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart last year. In addition, his debut single, "Country Boy" has been certified gold and had multiple award nominations.

"Aaron Lewis is a great musician," said Tom Porter, CEO of Blaster Entertainment. "His songs relate true country values and life experiences. We're excited about having him on the Blaster team."

"Country music was the first music I ever listened to," Lewis said. "I sat on my grandfather's lap listening to his country records and I grew to love them. The country audience has been so accepting of my music and I'm excited about working with the Blaster team to put out the new record this summer."

Aaron's new music video for "Endless Summer" recently debuted on CMT's Big New Music Weekend. Leslie Fram, Senior VP for Music Strategies at CMT said, "It was quickly obvious that we had just discovered the official anthem of the Summer of 2012!"

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    @tennesseehild; It's fantastic. I've liked Staind since they 1st came out, and I'm not much of a country fan either, but his solo stuff is great. It's got the country spirit, but it could also easily be translated into a mellow Staind song.
    Does this guy whine in his country songs like he does in his nu-metal songs? I'm being serious. I saw Staind back in like, 2001? This guy literally cried onstage. No balls. Can anyone even verify if he has teeth?
    Is his country stuff any good? Asking the people who used to listen to Staind. Grew up near Nashville and will listen to country, but have been in to thrash metal since I was introduced to Metallica. So it's hard for me to find any country worth listening to other then old Kieth Urban, Brooks and Dunn, and Jason Aldean
    Most of his 'country' stuff is just like the slower Staind songs with slightly different instrumentation. And he mentioned whiskey. There was a song or two that were closer to some sort of country, but most of it was just repackaged n-grunge sort of stuff. I'm not saying it wasn't good -- some was good; some was bad -- but most of it isn't what I'd call country.
    WTF is with all these artists going off and making country albums? Seems like some kind of new trend
    I love aaron lewis. A very talented musician, Town Line was really good, but obviously being an EP It was on the short side. I heard a song off the new album, it was called "anywhere but here", and it was incredible. Can't wait for the new album.
    Staind has a bunch of great songs, they have a super tight sound live and are very enjoyable to see live. Aaron Lewis is hands down the worst front man on the planet. Yes, he can sing, but he is boring. I might take a listen to the album, but only because I can't see him perform it when I do.
    So I listened to some of his stuff on youtube today..... it sucks. The only reason he is selling or getting spins on country radio is because of his name attatched to the music