Static-X's Ex-Guitarist Pled Guilty

artist: Static-X date: 09/29/2005 category: music news
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Former Static-X and Dope guitarist Tripp Eisen has pled guilty to having oral sex with a minor and will serve one year in California State prison on that charge. On October 7th Eisen, born Tod Rex Salvador, will face another series of sex-related charges when arraigned before a trial judge in New Jersey, writes Christina Fuoco from According to Orange County Superior Court manager Gai Spickard, on June 24th Eisen accepted a plea bargain in California for "having oral sex with a person younger than fourteen years old and more than ten years younger than him," stemming from a February arrest. A date for his incarceration has yet to be set. At the time of his arrest, the guitarist posted $100,000 bail and fled the state -- only to be discovered when arrested for another sex-related offense, in New Jersey, just two weeks later. (A California felony flight charge against Eisen was dismissed on September 19th.)
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