Steel Panther: 'Because of Internet Porn, Girls Are Doing Lot of Things They Wouldn't Do Back in the '80s'

artist: Steel Panther date: 05/07/2014 category: music news

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Steel Panther: 'Because of Internet Porn, Girls Are Doing Lot of Things They Wouldn't Do Back in the '80s'
Michael Starr, singer of '80s comedy rock group Steel Panther has been speaking with Braveworlds about the influence of sex on the band's music. In the interview, Starr states that he believes that internet porn has influenced the way that girls are behaving in the bedroom:

"Nowadays because of Internet porn, girls are doing a lot of things they wouldn't do back in the '80s. Like deep-throating is now very, very common with the young girls, anal is very common. Girls know what 'Bukkake Tears' are because of the Internet. And it's a good thing. People should be able to express themselves sexually in any way they want."

The singer also recounted the story of his best, and worst sexual experience, which took place while on tour in St. Petersburg:

"Probably the worst sexual experience I had, turned out actually to be a good experience, so it's a combination answer. I was with this chick that I met; actually it was in St. Petersburg, Russia on this last tour. She was totally f--king hot - blonde hair, bright blue eyes - and we're f--king, it's killer, and I realize she has a d-ck. At that point, I was so bummed because it was like, oh my god, I'm gay. But then I realized that I should just go with it, and it was really a great sexual experience for me. That's one of the things that "All You Can Eat" is about. It's about being able to do whatever you want. Everything is available to us. And there's no shame or guilt - if you want to listen to One Direction on your off time, that's cool. But if you want to f--king rock, you listen to Steel Panther!"
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