Steel Panther: 'We're Not Actors Cracking Jokes, We're Craftsmen on Our Instruments'

artist: Steel Panther date: 03/21/2014 category: music news
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Steel Panther: 'We're Not Actors Cracking Jokes, We're Craftsmen on Our Instruments'
Although Steel Panther are known as possibly the No. 1 comedy rock group on today's scene, singer Michael Starr insists that the band should by no means be considered a spoof act.

Chatting with Pollstar, Michael discussed the band's decision to exclude cover songs from live setlists. "We haven't lost anything that we did in the residencies," he said. "We're just doing original music instead of playing Bon Jovi in between our banter. I think the appeal, all around the world, is that people f--king want to have fun, they want to have a laugh.

"But they also want what we offer, which is we're all craftsmen on our instruments. We're not just actors up there cracking jokes and can't play," the vocalist stressed. "The songs on the record are killer, I can sing almost as good as Steve Perry - when I'm lip-syncing - and people like that."

Starr further explained that "it was really hard for us to break what we were doing because we built a career out of doing these residencies and we all bought houses, and we all have lives and we have expenses. It was really hard for us to cut the umbilical cord and go for it. So basically what we are doing is we're cutting the cord, and we're swinging for a grand slam.

"We're putting everything into it and so far it's been paying off," the singer concluded.

Upcoming Steel Panther studio effort "All You Can Eat" is scheduled for April 1 release via Kobalt Label Services. The record was already announced with "Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World," "The Burden of Being Wonderful" and "Glory Hole" singles.
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