Steroids Found in Tim Lambesis' House, Police Reports

artist: As I Lay Dying date: 09/18/2013 category: music news
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Steroids Found in Tim Lambesis' House, Police Reports
New details regarding the murder-for-hire trial of As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis have surfaced, confirming that the police had allegedly found between 30 and 40 vials of different steroids and various pill packages in the singer's house, along with $12,000 in cash. The info was revealed on Monday (September 16) in court by Det. John Buckley, who noted that a lock box the investigators found contained "a lot of different quantities" of enhancement and estrogen-blocking drugs, NBC reports. Apart from Buckley, personal trainer Brett Kimball also gave his testimony. Kimball is the man Lambesis initially asked about hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife Meggan and the one who reported the matter to the police. "He wanted to know if maybe I could find somebody to do it for him," the trainer said. "He knew that I knew people was his comment. 'I know you know people, so maybe you can help me.'" According to the report, soon after finding out about Lambesis' intentions, Buckley came up with a fictional hitman "Red" and reported the frontman to the police. A group of Meggan's friends also appeared in the court, showing their support to the singer's wife. As reported yesterday, Red also testified in court this Monday, stressing that Lambesis was crystal clear in his desire to get the murder carried out. While discussing reasons that might drove the frontman to such a decision, the detective named separation from children and loss of income after the divorce as potential key reasons. "He wasn't allowed to see his kids, he wasn't allowed to take his kids out of the state or on tour with him and that angered him, and then the fact that his wife was going to get a large portion up to 60 percent of his income," Red told the court Judge Robert Kearney ruled that enough evidence exists to warrant a trial, scheduling Lambesis' arraignment for October 22 at the courthouse in Vista, California, when the trial date will be set. As previously reported, Lambesis allegedly provided the undercover officer $1,000 and was willing to pay the full sum of $20,000 for the murder of his wife. Apart from cash, he allegedly also gave Red the gate key to the house and details on how to carry out the murder. The singer's been free on $2 million bail since May and is ordered to wear a GPS monitor at all time. Lambesis was initially arrested on May 7 in Oceanside. If convicted, he will face up to nine years behind bars.
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