Steroids to Blame for Tim Lambesis' Murder-for-Hire Plot, Claims Defense Attorney

As I Lay Dying frontman was allegedly in a so-called "roid rage" while soliciting the murder of his wife, bail lowered to $2 million.

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New details regarding As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis' murder-for-hire plot trial have recently emerged, with the defense claiming that singer's actions were affected by severe steroid usage.

According to vocalist's new attorney Tom Warwick, Lambesis was in a so-called "roid rage" while soliciting the murder of his estranged wife Meggan, with his "thought processes dramatically impacted by the steroids."

As UT San Diego reports, defense attorney argued during the latest hearing last Friday that the changes in frontman's behavior started once he began taking performance enhancement supplements and ultimately steroids, also resulting in Lambesis buffing up from 170 to 220 pounds.

"His thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use," the lawyer said. "It has been a terrible tragedy. He was a very caring, gentle man and we need to get him back."

The defense did however manage to get the bail lowered from the initial $3 million to 2$ million, which is seemingly still too high for the singer, as his lawyer has asked for the bail to be lowered to $250,000. This resulted in Lambesis' disgruntled expression upon the setting of the new bail, with Warwick telling the court that his client will still be unable to pay the given amount.

As previously reported, Lambesis was arrested on May 7 in Oceanside for allegedly hiring an undercover detective to murder his wife. After pleading not guilty, the defense initially claimed that the singer was set up by a police informant, or a "snitch."

According to prosecutor Claudia Grasso, frontman gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope containing $1,000, along with the gate code to his house and additional details on how he wants the murder to be carried out. Grasso also added that the singer allegedly had no issues whatsoever with the murder costing a total of $20,000 and was visibly willing to pay the entire sum.

Lambesis' wife had already noted her husband's behavior changes, resulting in her demand for dissolution of marriage last September, due to both his gym obsession and several supposed extra-marital affairs.

If convicted, 32-year-old frontman will be facing up to nine years in prison. His next court appearance is currently scheduled for May 29.

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    Roid Rage? On PLANNING a murder? I fear this is stupid enough to actually work.
    Also, when somebody commits vehicular manslaughter under the influence of alcohol, it does not make the sentence any less severe. Fool did something terrible, and now he's going to have to deal. Good news for me, Austrian Death Machine is going to need a vocalist. Time to prepare some audition videos.
    Greaser James
    Good point man. Steroids/HGH mess with your head bad. I have no doubt that his steroid use had a large role to play, but in the end it makes no difference. The man deserves no allowances based on his drug habit.
    Exactly. I don't think a steroid-user would plan a murder on his wife. Beat her senseless maybe. But planning? come on.
    Use Chris Benoit for example. that dude killed his wife, child, then himself. He didn't have a Hitman do it for him cause he wasn't a pussy!...oh shit...that sounds so wrong.....
    Dark but funny, I gave it a thumbs up. I remember watching Chris Benoit wrestle when I was a kid, guy was pretty douchey.
    How is it stupid? Go study biology and psychology. Steroids are just another drug. They have the ability to alter a person's thought pattern just like any other drug out there.
    I wish they hadn't lowered bail, now it wouldn't be that hard for huge fans to rally and pay bail. He deserves to rot in jail.
    hey I'm all for letting killers rot in jail, but at least give the court a chance to decide first. That's what we do in western civilisation...
    IWouldn't doubt it all that much. I hung out with As I Lay Dying in 2005 when they played Molly Blooms 2 and he was a super nice guy and extremely laid back. I know multiple people that started juicing and their attitudes and behaviors completely changed. So if that's the case or not, it's really not the worse argument in court if you literally have nothing else. In that case some jail time can be replaced with rehab for the roids if the lawyers good.
    Judge: "Timothy Lambesis, I declare you guilty of murder-for-hire plot." Tim: "Bro, do you even lift?"
    I always used to love Tim, but this is probably what that shitty phrase was truly meant for. Thank you.
    First he was setup, now "the juice" made him do it?? Cut the bullshit and admit you were stupid and got caught.
    According to prosecutor Claudia Grasso, frontman gave a man referred to as "Red" an envelope containing $1,000
    I'm onto you Ash Ketchum.
    Was he on roid rage when he asked for a hitman? Was he on roid rage when he drove home and thought about what he was doing? Was he on roid rage when he decided he should definitely go meet this person, that it was definitely a good idea, and that he totally wanted his wife dead? Bullshit defense and anyone with basic thought processes could tell.
    Honestly this is getting hilarious/absurd. It's extremely clear to me that he is guilty and was conscious of all of this. Roid rage is usually a sudden outburst of anger and violence, not carefully planning for your wife to be murdered.
    Go do some research before you open your mouth. People who abuse steroids often display high levels of aggressiveness, hostility, anxiety, and paranoia on a regular basis. It's not something that lasts five minutes and then is over with.
    Wow, this guy and his defense council found themselves against the ropes quickly. I suppose they're atleast smart enough to know that the best they can hope for at the moment is a reduced sentance. I doubt they'll even get that though, as many people have pointed out already such a defense does not apply to a pre-meditated act, only to spontanious actions.
    I agree. He's basically been caught. I was a bit surprised on how quickly the defense has had to start sorting through excuses, though.
    This might work for manslaughter but not for PLANNED MURDER. I hope it doesn't that is.
    Great, now this is only going to propagate the stereotype that all steroid users are insane, murderous jackasses. This guy may in fact be guilty as there seems to be a substantial amount of evidence, however I haven't heard of any drug testing that was done to confirm that he actually was using steroids. Even if he was using steroids, "roid rage" is a bullshit myth. If you're a naturally violent person using steroids it will make you exponentially more violent. If you're naturally jovial person it will make you exponentially more jovial as a result of use. Steroids don't "make" a person violent, the person makes the person violent.
    It doesn't matter if he was on steroids... how long have we known about possible side effects like aggression? 10-15 years? It's like taking up smoking today and complaining about lung cancer and stroke 30 years later. You know the downside before going in.
    It really is a shame. Dude was on top of the world. He was a respected metal vocalist, great band, great fans... only to throw it all away. I just want to know what the hell is gonna happen with that Austrian Death Machine album I helped fund? (Or at least that's what I thought I was funding...)
    steroids don't cause roid rage. they only enhance your personality...if you're a dick before AAS, you'll be more of a dick after you start taking AAS. if you're a calm gentle person before AAS, you'll be the same after, only a bit more confident and feeling better. once again lawyers playing on the media and general public's lack of knowledge of a subject. and he certainly doesn't look like he's on AAS, he just looks like he works out and eats. anyone can balloon up in weight if you eat a ton of food and lift weights. but gaining pure muscle mass with no fat in a short amount of time is a different story. anyone who's never been on 'gear/AAS/steroids' knows nothing about what it can do. 'i know a guy...' stories and what you see on the news is completely unreliable. the same goes for those who ABUSE the gear as opposed to USING it in correct dosage. now every murderer will be sure to start injecting testosterone a week before they start killing people to hope they can get a reduced sentence.
    Amen! Finally someone who knows something about steroids and not the propaganda fed to the masses in the media.
    I actually don't believe Tim used/is using steroids. He slowly grew bigger over the course of 2 years. Steroids "beef" you up in months. Also he was laughing literally 2 seconds after the picture was taken. I don't think roid-rage had anything to do with what he may or may not have done.
    First off, it was less than two years. Second, even if it was over the course of two years, 50 pounds of muscle is a tremendous amount to pack in in that short of time. There is no doubt in my mind that he used steroids.
    Why is everyone downvoting this? Just because a man has size doesn't mean he took steroids.
    I agree. It's really annoying to see that sort of mentality. The moment anybody puts on an iota of muscle, people just yell 'ROIDS!' as if that was the only way to build up significant muscle mass.
    In all honesty, having been an As I lay Dying fan for quite a while... he did bulk up in a pretty short amount of time.
    You obviously dont know about fitness and performance enhancment products. Trust me they change the way you feel, think and act.
    What are you talking about eloera1? He's not talking about his mental state due to steroid use, he's talking about how long it took him to beef up. He's saying he doesn't believe he even took steroids in the first place, not that steroids didn't affect his mental state. Funnily enough, people can just be crazy adulterating psychos, without the influence of drugs. In any case, steroids affect AGGRESSION, so if he was to off his wife, he'd have just beat her to a pulp, not go seeking a hitman. Of course that is more of an assumption than a definite truth, but it is an informed assumption nonetheless.
    I like how you say he may or may not have done, why is he making the steroid claim in the first place then? The guys caught, i have no doubt he'll be proved guilty and thrown in a cell with a well endowed, pussy starved inmate who doesn't care where he sticks it any more.
    You obviously have no clue how the prison system works. The man is a celebrity. If he's convicted he will more than likely be placed in PC.