Steve Howe's Doubt Over Future Yes Albums

Yes guitarist Steve Howe doesn't know whether the band will record any more albums because he's not sure if fans want to hear new music.

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They released "Fly From Here" in 2011, but Howe admits that when it comes to thinking about a follow-up, "it's something that I kind of fight myself about."

He tells: "You take bands like Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones bands bigger than anything I've been in. They make new records and nobody cares. The people want to hear Satisfaction.

"I think The Who had one of the most disappointing results when they put out that last album. It was practically ignored and they are The Who.

"That goes with Yes as well people want to hear "Close To The Edge". We love it too. We love the new music but it doesn't have the familiarity."

Howe also believes times have changed for the band and the way it operates, not least because his creative partnership with former singer Jon Anderson has ended.

"If we were to come out with something as good as "Close To The Edge", that would be a major achievement," the guitarist reflects. "The collaboration on those early records between Jon Anderson and I was amazing. There was a remarkable sense of teamwork. I don't know how we did it back then it doesn't work the same way now."

According to Progrockmag He's also unsure whether Yes and Asia will team up for another tour together. "It wasn't an easy thing to pull off," he reports. "There were some complications, but, musically, it was a successful tour.

"My wife was not very happy when I decided to do those tours she thought I was taking on too much. She thought it was going to drive me into the ground.

"But I'm very organised. The max time I was on stage with Yes was two and a half hours. I told my wife it wasn't any different dividing that time up between two bands. Instead of having an interval and coming back with the same band, I was having an interval and coming back with a different band.

"It helped her understand what I was doing, and it helped me understand that I wasn't working any longer."

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    If the classic line up of Howe, Squire, White, Wakeman (RICK Wakeman) and Anderson got back together, even at the age they're at, I would buy that album and I would definitely see them tour.
    Steve Howe just gained even more respect from me, which I didn't know was even possible. I love it when musicians just tell it like it is.
    i've just started investigating yes's music.. heard fragile for the first time today, and IMHO opinion its not as good as its projected to be
    you can form a valid opinion of such a complex album after one listen. Prog rock isn't simple easily digestible music....
    I'd give "Relayer" a listen next, "Fragile" is a very uneven album mixing very strong band songs with vanity solo pieces that pale in comparison. But as phili666 says below, you're gonna have to devote time to repeated listening to get into Yes. 'Close to the Edge', 'Tales from Topographic Oceans', and 'Relayer' are the holy trinity for Yes, but be prepared to listen and relisten and relisten. Your effort will be highly rewarded :