Steve Tyler Grants Dying Man's Wish

artist: Steven Tyler date: 04/19/2011 category: music news

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Steve Tyler Grants Dying Man's Wish
Steve Tyler brought a dying man's dream to life when he made a special online call to his hospital bed, according to HenneMusic. The fan in question was Lawrence Ori from Illinois, a lifelong rocker and huge Aerosmith fan, with the tattoos to prove it. Even his license plate says "ROCKIN'". Unfortunately, Ori developed supernuclear palsey, a serious condition which makes it difficult to move and speak. "He turned me into a rocker chick", Ori's girlfriend, Joanie Dziak, said. "He taught me to rock at age 50." Thanks to the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation, who set up the skype meeting, Ori fulfilled a dream of meeting his hero. "Lawrence? This is Steven", the frontman said. "I'm coming to you from L.A. and I'm so glad to meet you." Although Ori couldn't respond, he reported went wide eyed, and his family expressed their gratitude for the gesture from Tyler. "That's the great thing about music", Tyler said. "It brings people together and really gets into your soul. It's so beautiful to see so much love around him right now." The call didn't last long due to Ori's fragile condition, but before going Tyler added "You hold on, Lawrence. I love you man." Ori passed away that afternoon, with the song "Dream On" playing in the background. You can see the meeting with the video embed below, but be warned - it's a tear-jerker.
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