Steven Tyler Calls for Better Treatment of Farm Animals

Aerosmith vocalist supports US bill to end "unspeakable suffering" of livestock.

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Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler has given his support to a bill which aims to ban the extreme confinement of animals in the state of Massachusetts.

As Classic Rock points out, Tyler is backing the legislature which aims to end the locking of pigs and calves into small crates which inhibit their movement.

He says: "Massachusetts holds a very special place in my heart. Not only is it known for being ahead of the curve on important progressive issues, it's also the birthplace of Aerosmith. That's why I was thrilled to learn from my friends at the Humane Society of the United States about a critical bill that would ban the extreme confinement of animals used for food.

"Veal and gestation crates cause unspeakable suffering and with the success of crate-free environments, they are proven unnecessary. I hope to see the passage of the bill without delay."

Aerosmith are currently on the road with the Let Rock Rule World Tour.

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    I'd like to call for better treatment of humans. We're not very nice to each other.
    This is a great point. Instead of worrying about the animals why don't we worry about making a change with ourselves first?
    And maybe if we can learn to be nicer to each other, being nicer to animals and such will all fall into place? It's not a wrong thing to think of here.
    It's the same thing. You can become better and nicer as a person, it will affect everyone/everything you get in touch with. Other humans, animals...
    I do agree with him, the cattle industry is really horrible, just drive from LA to San Francisco (if I remember correctly) and you'll see more than 30 cows stuffed in a small square. They barely are able to move around. And they say "Good milk comes from happy cows, happy cow come from California"... Right.
    I'll take a 9 oz. cheeseburger with no onions please, add avocado. Thanks! Hey all of you self righteous *******s. Take your leather/suede wallets, shoes, purses, jackets, and anything else you have in your possession that was taken from these poor, suffering animals and shove them up your ass. Wether you like it or not, we're all hypocrites and sell outs. In one way or another, we all f*%k the planet on a daily basis. Have a whopper and STFU! Whiney, bitch ass ****-tards.
    I ask for better treatment of catepillars. Like the one on Steven's lip. He should be ashamed!!!
    They could do with stopping this thing of constantly using antibiotics on cows who aren't even ill, which is not only shit for the cows, but it's accelerating antibiotic resistance for human diseases as well.