Steven Tyler: 'I Warned Guns N' Roses About Drugs'

"If you guys whip something out in the dressing room, I'm gonna wanna use it," singer remembers saying.

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Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler recently remembered the wild '90s days and the experience of touring with Guns N' Roses.

Chatting with Contact Music, Tyler recalled drug issues everyone was going through and the warning he gave to GN'R guys.

"I actually got them all together and said, 'If you guys whip something out in the dressing room, I'm gonna wanna use it - and if I do, you're off the tour,'" the singer said. "It went like that for a minute and then, of course, you can't stop anything."

Interestingly enough, Aerosmith will soon hit the road with a classic GN'R representative - Slash. The North American trek is set to kick off on July 10 in Wantagh, New York and stretch through September. Check out the full itinerary here.

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    Imagine trying to get clean...Then you go on tour with Guns N' Roses.
    Didn't Izzy Stradlin deal heroin in the early GNR days and one of the people who bought off him was Joe Perry ?
    Isn't that like taking fitness advice from an morbidly obese person?
    If you think about it, the advice makes perfect sense coming from him, albeit in a weird way. He was doing drugs as well, so maybe he was trying to tell them "Dudes, it's really not worth it". Of course, I could be completely and utterly wrong, but that's just my two pence.
    Black Mustangs
    Slash talked about this in his book, apparently Steven made it very hard for them because he always wanted to hear their party stories. GNR had to drink alcohol out of unmarked cups as well, looking back Slash found it rather hilarious.
    Actually just reread that part of the book a few days ago. Between that, Aerosmith's bio, and Steven Tyler's bio, I think it's safe to say that Aerosmith (or some of them) might have been dry/clean at that point, but not necessarily sober.
    If you guys whip something out in the dressing room, I'm gonna wanna use it ...said Steven Tyler to Joe Perry. (at least, that's the impression I was left with after reading his autobiography)
    Yeah, back in the Glam days he'd walk onstage with a money shot across his forehead and start singing "Walk This Way". Wouldn't miss a beat until it got in his eyes, then he remembered what he did all coked up... he'd then spew the rest onto Perry's guitar neck.
    Sorry Steven but i gotta call bullshit. Sure you "warned" them about drugs but come-the ****-on you were NOT clean when you were touring with them and after seeing ur attempt at welcome to the jungle, I'm thinkin ur probably still using 'em a bit.
    Don't do drugs iz bad 4 u. Butt yager shots iz fine. #HailToTheKerryKing