Steven Tyler: 'J.Lo Put Me In My Place'

Singer speaks out on "American Idol" experiences and new Aerosmith album.

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is one of the biggest personalities in rock, yet the singer admits that he was put in his place' during his tenure on reality show "American Idol" by co-host J.Lo. As Noisecreep notes, some of the comments that the pop-star made to Tyler would make him blush:

"Sitting next to J.Lo, the stuff we spoke about during commercial breaks, which you guys will never know - it made me blush. She was very something else. She would just make me blush then it would be, '3-2-1' [composes himself]. She would just put me in my place. I loved her".

Aerosmith are currently gearing up for the release of their new album, "Music From Another Dimension" which will comprise their first new material in over 10 years. In a recent interview, Tyler stated that the band has discovered a new energy making the album, as HenneMusic reports:

"The band has been around for 40 years [and] we found a new energy... An energy in fighting and making up; an energy in not playing forever; an energy in getting together in a room with an old producer named Jack Douglas that we could sit in there and write the songs all together like the old days. Sometimes you need a little energy to blow into the mix because it gets a little boring putting a record out, going on tour, putting a record out, going on this definitely had a whole new vibe to it".

The second of the band's "making of" videos for the new record has appeared online:

YouTube preview picture

"Music From Another Dimension" is released on November 6th.

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