Steven Tyler Stars In Burger King Commercial

artist: Steven Tyler date: 04/30/2012 category: music news
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Steven Tyler Stars In Burger King Commercial
According to Aerosmith singer and "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler stars in a new Burger King commercial promoting the fast food chain's new hot-and-spicy chicken strips. In the 30-second spot, which can be seen below, Tyler works the drive-through greeting female customers with a "Welcome to Burger King, honey!" Steven "also Get(s) A Grip on a couple of female employees, slides across a counter on his butt and rejects a manager's command to wear a hairnet." Burger King's Senior Vice President of North America Marketing, Alex Macedo, told that the commercial was created to grab attention to the company's menu expansion. "The big challenge is how do you really grab people's attention?" Macedo said. "And most of all, how do you get them to taste the product? We chose [Tyler as one of the] celebrities to get people's attention faster and to show the diversity that we have with our brand."
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