Steven Tyler To Revive 'Walk This Way' With X Factor Losers

Aerosmith frontman will release a new version of "Walk This Way", collaborating with what could be two of the "most annoying" pop stars in the world.

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In what could be the most unlikely collaboration in history, Steven Tyler will be reviving his 70s hit "Walk This Way" with UK "X Factor" competition losers Jedward, according to The Sun.

For those unfamiliar with the Irish duo, Jedward divided the UK between love for their stupefying antics and hate for what some considered their annoying manner and inability to sing.

Simon Cowell, who recently brought his hit "X Factor" brand to the US, said at their first audition they were "not very good and incredibly annoying. Two of the most irritating people we've had here in a long long time". He later added, "They're vile little creatures who would step on their mother's head to have a hit."

The pair did't win the televised singing competition but sound themselves signed to a major label, and recently went on to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. A previous collaboration with Vanilla Ice, reviving his 90s track "Ice Ice Baby" charted well in the UK, before dropping after a week.

Does Steven Tyler have a clue what he's getting himself into? Perhaps not, but with big label financial backing, we're sorry to say Jedward could be here to stay.

You can watch their amusing (but less-than-stellar) first audition in the clip below.

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    Just the name 'Jedward' makes me feel that sick feeling in the back of my throat. Death might be a bit too much, but I really hope they're involved in a car crash and endup hospitalised for several months. Then can't remember ever trying to be musicians at all.
    neilmchamburger wrote: these guys are a national embarrasment
    There guyse are a GLOBAL embarrasment. Fixed.
    "They're vile little creatures who would step on their mother's head to have a hit."
    Coming from Simon Cowell?
    They definitely didn't sound American...then again I'm from America and everyone from the UK sounds the same to me...
    Anybody else notice how they started sounding a lot more Irish after Simon Cowell asked them why the were talking like Americans?
    Hmm.. I always thought that one of the two would burst into flames if they came into contact with each other, this could be fun to watch.. Throwing Jedward at Tyler is like throwing holy water on a vampire or something :L
    I really hope next year we dont see the headline; "Steven Tyler 'didn't dig sex with Jedward'" :O Anyhoos, I really hope this isnt true-it will ruin Tyler for ever
    All the judges had to do was say 'no' and this would never have happened
    wow, after reading this it makes me wanna hear about his gay sex
    HAHAHA +1000
    jedward are hugely popular. the article makes them sound like one week wonders, they've a huge albeit young fan base but since euro vision they've charted #1 in ireland,sweeden, germany and probably more european countries aswel as getting requests from venues all accross europe for gigs. they can't sing very well, can't really dance, don't play instruments (as far as i know) but they're 2 nice young fellas entertaining the kids, thats what its all about. i like them, listen to the collab with vanilla ice, you can't help but enjoy it. jedward doing walk this way? i wouldn't buy it but id listen and enjoy it. it annoys me how many haters jedward have, same BS as the anti bieber stuff, i dont like bieber but my 4 yr old girl loves jedward and bieber...