Steven Tyler Will Return To American Idol Next Season

artist: Steven Tyler date: 08/11/2011 category: general music news

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Steven Tyler Will Return To American Idol Next Season
The producer of the hit TV show "American Idol", Nigel Lythgoe, confirmed today that Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler will be returning to the judges' table next year alongside Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. Both Tyler and Lopez are reportedly getting considerable pay raises this year, which will mark the second year on the show for both artists. Lopez will allegedly be paid $20 million for appearing on the popular singing contest this year, almost double her take home from her first year with the program ($12 million). Tyler's salary for the upcoming season has not been released thus far. Aerosmith never ended up performing during last year's Idol finale, despite Steven Tyler's assurances that it would happen. Guitarist Joe Perry has said that the band was never contacted by the show's producers, and that with fellow guitarist Brad Whitford playing a show that night with Experience Hendrix, it "wasn't logistically possible". Perry is open to performing on the show in the future, however. He says Aerosmith is "looking forward to playing 'American Idol' next season when our new CD is out and we can prepare [for] a kick-a-s show if they ask us." Aerosmith (including Tyler) entered the studio in July to produce their upcoming, still-untitled album. There is no scheduled release date at this time.
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