Stevie Nicks: 'I'd Love to Write Music for 'Game of Thrones''

"I'm very inspired by it - as I was very inspired by 'Twilight,'" Fleetwood Mac singer adds.

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Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks recently sang a few "Game of Thrones" praises, expressing desire to compose music for the popular show.

"The guy who wrote these stories [author George RR Martin] is my age now, and I think: how in the world does somebody come up with these 15 or so characters and then everything that’s wrapped around each one of the 15 characters? It blows my mind that he's able to create this vast, interlinked world," Stevie told Radio Times. "As a songwriter I write little movies. But I can't imagine sitting down and writing even one small book, a novel. We each have our thing that we're really good at."

Focusing on the musical part, the vocalist added, "I would love to write some music for the show. I've written a bunch of poetry about it - one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow ... on Arya ... on Cersei ... on Cersei and Jaime, the blonde on blonde ... on Khaleesi ... I'm always looking for that kind of inspiration, and I'm very inspired by it - as I was very inspired by 'Twilight.'"

Nicks also pointed out that the show helped her go through a rough patch a few years back. "I didn't leave the house for almost five months," she said about the period after the late-December 2011 death of her mother. "And then I got pneumonia. With my pneumonia and my mother's death I watched the entire first season of 'Game of Thrones.' That certainly took my mind off everything."

Finally, Stevie picked her favorite "Game of Thrones" characters. "Khaleesi [Emilia Clarke] is my new favorite heroine. And Cersei [Lena Headey] is fantastic. She's just mean as s--t. And you know who else is mean? Not Joffrey [Jack Gleeson] - he's beyond. He's just sickly, deeply, sadistically evil. But no, the one that's going to marry him, Margaery [played by Natalie Dormer]. She is just such a great evil person. And she thinks she is going to be able to handle him. And then you have Brienne of Tarth [Gwendoline Christie] - I love her."

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    ...What? "I was very inspired by this awesome thing - as I was very inspired by a steaming turd."
    Twilight is honestly not that inspiring and I don't see what anyone sees in it. The two main characters are so bland and lacking any real personalities which I assumed was the mutual thing they had in common that made them fall in love
    Twilight? God... Stevie... please don't. I got some Twilight poetry for ya: the sun makes me about as sick as werewolfs and this emotionless chick or shiny glitter vamps, all gay my ex forced me to watch it, i curse that day
    reminds me of that South Park episode with Steamy Ray Vaughan and Steamy Nicks
    Better yet, she should write a tasty breakfast jingle . . . "Game of Scones"
    Twilight? That pathetic pile of paper? How? And if he's talking about the movie it's even worse! That girl has almost as much expressions as Schwarzenegger. It's just a glorified teen love story. Take out the vampire aspect and all there is left is a girl liking a boy but doesn't have the courage etc. Etc.
    I'm just gonna sit here and wait for somebody to attempt a "Chains of Castamere" joke.