Sting Not Leaving $300 Million Fortune to His Children: 'They Have to Work'

"It's no picnic being my child," the musician adds.

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Despite selling over 100 million records and being worth over $305 million, rock legend Sting has no intention of leaving his fortune to his children.

Chatting with the Daily Mail, the Police frontman explained how it's "no picnic" being his child, giving a detailed explanation on his decision.

"With my children there is great wealth, success - a great shadow over them - so it's no picnic at all being my child. I discuss that with them; it's tough for them," the musician kicked off.

"I told them there won’t be much money left because we are spending it! We have a lot of commitments. What comes in we spend, and there isn't much left," he continued. "I certainly don't want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses 'round their necks. They have to work. All my kids know that and they rarely ask me for anything, which I really respect and appreciate.

"Obviously, if they were in trouble I would help them, but I've never really had to do that," Sting pointed out. "They have this work ethic that makes them want to succeed on their own merit. People make assumptions, that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but they have not been given a lot."

Sting then pointed out how there's over 100 people on his payroll, comparing his music business to a corporation. "I keep a community of people going. My crew, my band, my staff ... it's a corporation!"

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    If only the Hiltons and Kardashians could take note
    I guess they won't get their money for nothing.
    That would be funny if it were relevant to Sting, who wasn't in Dire Straits.
    Was it just me...or did anybody else fall into a hypnotic trance while staring at those boobs?
    Imagine if all or even... 5% of the wealthy elite did this. We would live in a completely different (better) world. Upward mobility is a joke, the middle class is vanishing and the vast majority of the wealth on Earth is locked up among the ultra rich and their offspring. Imagine living on a planet where the most important factor in determining your quality of life WASN'T your last name... I already liked Sting for his music now I've got another reason to like him - He's not an elitist pig and wants his children to be decent people and not leeches like 99.99% of ridiculously wealthy people. Awesome.
    On the other hand... It would mean 5% more competition for you and me on the job market, and they would also have an edge just being the kid of a well known person, if only for an employee to be able to boast about it to friends and family when he hires him/her. Rich kids being lazy and lackluster about wealth and spending it all is actually not that bad for the economy. Now Sting's money will sit there even longer. If their offspring become also successful, then more money would actually be "locked" up.
    im pretty sure Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did the same thing, and those F***ers are loaded.
    Bill Gates is leaving each of his kids $10 million, then giving the rest away. Not sure about Mr. Buffet though.
    A measly $10 million. What am I supposed to do dad, beg on the street?
    All my other friends are getting $100 million when they hit 21. How will I ever be able to show my face at the country club when I'm so poor?!
    In fairness, his son came up with the idea for Vyclone (phone app), which probably made him a few quid.
    To each there own, and I see where Sting is coming from by pulling such a move, it makes sense in the fact that he wants his children to develop a good work ethic and to hopefully tone down an overblown ego that is easily developed of a wealthy / famous person (lookin' at you biebs..) He did say he planned on spending it now instead of leaving it in trust funds, but why not benefit his children with his wealth that he made? Give them an edge. I agree with what Craziork said, fathers should teach their children to "fish" so to speak, instead of just giving them "food", however that isn't to say that giving children your already acquired "food" is wrong. Both should be done. C'mon Sting, don't be so stingy
    One of my favorite quotes from "The Descendents" (approximately): "You leave your kids enough money to do something, but not enough to do nothing."
    I heard about one millionaire businessman who set up a trust for his kids in such a way that how much money they get from the trust is proportional to how much they earn from their own hard work, which I thought was a really clever move
    I'm sure they have had more than enough help from their father. Even if he only leaves each 1% of his 300 million, that is still 3 million each. I'm sure most of us would be MORE than grateful to receive that. He's also not blowing all his cash on nothing; he is a very active philanthropist and has been for a long time. He's giving most of what he received back into circulation.
    You make it sound like he gave them nothing except a hard lesson in life, which is a whole lot to take from a single article. All he said was that he wasn't going to leave his mass fortune to his kids, period point blank.
    Tim the Rocker
    Then why the **** earn that much money if you are just going to give it to people you don't know. That's not very good survival instinct for his genes.
    Cause that people he gives money to, are a very important part of his ways of earning. His band won't play for free, his staff won't follow him around the world setting his shit up for free. They are not slaves.
    After a certain point, getting more money won't really help you survive. Actually if he gives them all his money and they don't work for it, then they're worse off because they don't understand the value of money nor do they know how to work. It's a balance. Plus, if he's giving money away to charity or at least using it to adequately pay the people that work for him, then he's giving people jobs which is a great service to society given the economic problems today.
    This reminds me of what Jackie Chan said about the same issue... About his son inheriting his $130 million fortune: "If he is able to, he will make his own money. If not, he will only be wasting mine."
    lol they have to work for it! you wont see sting's children having to suck dick to be able to eat. make no mistake about it, sting's children lived and always will live a privileged life.
    I've no doubt he's given them every opportunity to succeed in life, good education etc, but at the end of the day they'll still have to earn their own living. At least they won't turn out as someone else commented like Hilton or Kardashian who've never worked a day in their lives
    Life nowaday is a fight for economical survival against the capitlism whose keeping most people's head in the mud. I think every father has the responsability to first, school their kids to deal and manage money and second, to give everything they owns to their childrens. It's a shame when kids are poorer than their parents.
    Thats a ****ing dumb decision. Do what you want but when you have that much money why would you not want your family to live well? HURP DERP VALUEZ AND SHIT
    I was expecting him to say it's all going to charity like a Bill Gates.  But no money to the kids because he's spending it all?  Sounds like a dick.  If you raise your kids right I don't see the harm in leaving them a lot of money.  Just as a backup.  Suppose Sting dies and his kid or grand kid gets real sick, or there's some sorta natural disaster and they lose all their shit.  Bet that money would come in handy for bills or replacing a home or whatever.  Why not have it invested so future generations have relief that in case shit comes crashing down, they'll be okay.
    I imagine his kids didn't have to work back-to-back 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sundays just to pay their way through community college like I had to either. I am sure they won't be eating at the homeless shelter anytime soon. Sting just wants to make sure his kids understand the importance of a strong work ethic. Good for him. He has done something right! Many in similar situations are bankrupt, but he is still worth 300 million!
    Sting is a good person and a music legend but what if one of his kids becomes disabled and is too sick too work? What will happen then? Also it's easy to tell someone to work esp. when your a natural at writing and making music and have had much luck and success in your life. p.s. I hope he gives much money to various charity's as well.
    A) He is not leaving his entire fortune to his children, I am more than sure that they will not be lacking in the finance department. Even if he only leaves 1% to each of his children that is still 3 million in cash. B) Sting has been a noted activist and philanthropist for many years so I wouldn't worry about him not giving back.
    Oh, I highly doubt they haven't received huge benefits from his wealth.