Stone Temple Pilots Anger Fans With Late, Short Show

Stone Temple Pilots have angered fans in Canada after they appeared late for a show, delivered a short set then cancelled the following night's performance - all without a full explanation.

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Stone Temple Pilots have angered fans in Canada after they appeared late for a show, delivered a short set then cancelled the following night's performance - all without a full explanation.

Supporters in Abbotsford, British Columbia, were upset on Monday after Scott Weiland and co left them waiting for 105 minutes. Some fans, believing rumours that the band weren't even in the building, decided to leave. Eruptions of booing were heard on several occasions.

When STP did appear, frontman Weiland offered a brief apology but didn't try to explain why the delay had occurred. Fan reports suggest they played a shorter set than usual before bowing out.

A ConcertAddicts review says: "It was a fucking train wreck. After the band delayed their start time by nearly two full hours, they came out and played a mediocre set.

"Weiland was never really present - he always seemed far away. He sang a mumbled mix of inaudible moans. Although a good portion of the notes were in tune and in time, the real words were lost in his mind. It was like a really horrible cross-over between junky-rock and that Sigur Ros made-up-word approach to singing".

The band then cancelled last night's show in Lethbridge, Alberta, at short notice. A brief statement said: "Lead singer Scott Weiland has been put on 48 hours complete vocal rest due to strained vocal chords. The cancellation will allow STP to finish the remaining dates of their Summer 2012 tour".

Some fans who'd attended the Abbotsford show expressed their upset on the band's Facebook page. Comments include: "Big disappointment how you handled the event last night. The least you could have done was make an announcement if/when you were coming to perform. All 8 of us left by 10:50pm".

"Where's the refund for last nights concert? They should not have played. He sounded orrible".

"If you were one of the few that actually enjoyed the show they should have cut you off from buying booze at 8pm".

Reacting to the cancellation, some fans said:

"At least they announced it in advance. In Tampa he just didn't show up. The whole band was here waiting too".

"Sounds familiarat least they didn't wait until u were lined up waiting to get in to cancel, like they did in Cincinnati last year".

"Face it, buying an STP ticket is a 50/50 proposition. Maybe they'll play, maybe they won't. All of us fans should know that by now".

"I lost all respect for STP. I have tried to see them live three different times and every single time they have cancelled and rescheduled. And all three times they have cancelled the rescheduled date. They just suck. I'm tired of wasting money on you guys".

Thanks to ClassicRockMagazine for the report.

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    i saw them last summer and thought they put on a real good show, I didnt even know they had a reputation for being late/cancelling though
    Every time I've seen them they've been nothing short of amazing. Don't knock it until you try it.
    I hope Scott Weiland isn't doing drugs again..
    It's his business if he is, but I really wouldn't mind it at all if he was being productive, too. It wouldn't hurt to get some more good drug-induced material out of him. His sober stuff isn't nearly as good.
    He might be clean (emphasis on the "might"), but he's by no means sober. He's said as much.
    It becomes other people's business when he causes the rest of his band to not get paid for shows. And when he screws thousands of fans by playing a mediocre show without them getting a refund, or just cancelling on fans who have been waiting to see them.
    Why doesn't he just take some time off and do some therapy? It does wonders to anyone, it did to Metallica...He should not only respect his fans and band mates, but specially respect himself. He has money, the most important thing in life (the one with which you acquire all others), therefore he should just act like a man and put his shit together (enough to function properly).
    I can guarantee that he is. I saw him perform last fall in Orilia (small town outside Toronto) and he was stoned out of his mind. The whole band had to play everything at half-time and he was mumbling something about cough syrup and having a cold. He was sloppily fumbling around and the rest of the band wanted nothing to do with him. I left before they finished. Such a waste of talent
    I'm waiting for Scott Weiland to perform solo again. That's the only way I think I'll see him because he actually cares about his new music, not the Core-era songs that fill up half of STP's setlist.
    I've seen them about 10 times. 1 Show about 10 years ago they were an hour and a half late. Aside from that they were on time each time and kicked ass at every show. For stuff like this to keep happening thought, they really need to figure out a way to be more professional and considerate to their fans.
    I have to say that I saw them in Detroit back in the 90's right after the first album was released and to this day they remain one of the top shows I've seen...and I've seen alot. First band I saw that did an unannounced 20 minute acoustic set. Would I go now...probably not. Such a waste of talent.
    The band's got to go back to playing with Richard Patrick and do another Army of Anyone album. They were much more focused and had better music in that group.
    Never really got into these guys. In retrospect, seems like that was for the best....
    Josh Reubenking
    I guess Scott's more influenced by Axl Rose than I thought... Well, at least he didn't slam the mic down and yell "I'M GOING HOME!"
    Firehawk2410's just really disappointing to hear stuff like this. It's so inconsiderate to just show up late and play part of a show or just cancel right before you're set to perform. I mean, a lot of the people who are paying for tickets already bought albums years ago that helped contribute to the artist's success. Hell, Aerosmith had to cancel this year but at least they didn't do it at the last minute and they still made up that date. Oh, yeah, and they're all at least 60.
    I saw going to see them two years ago in Texas, but they just suddenly cancelled all three of their Texas shows with no explanation. Then they resumed the tour.