Stone Temple Pilots: How 'Plush' Came to Be

"That song was really about Scott and Eric talking about the future."

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Stone Temple Pilots: How 'Plush' Came to Be

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo talked about the origins of the band's staple song "Plush," telling Music Radar:

"When we were making [1992's] 'Core,' we were living very close to the studio because Brendan [O'Brien, producer] didn't want us battling with any traffic or being late because of Los Angeles traffic.

"He wanted us close to the studio so it was an easy, quick commute. So the four of us were living in a two-bedroom efficiency apartment very close to the studio, off Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

"It was after a long day in the studio and the weekend was there. I know Scott and Eric were hanging out and at that point we were well underway with the record. We all knew what we had at that point; we knew how special the record was coming along.

"We didn't know how successful it was going to be, and there's a big difference there. And that song was really about Scott and Eric talking about the future, what's going to happen and what's going to happen with the women in our lives now. A lot of questioning."

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    Somewhere I read the whole album was about what was going to happen, they knew their lives was going to change after that album. Excuse my english
    Ermm..... going by another website the song is also about "in part, by an unfortunate news story in Stone Temple Pilots' hometown of San Diego, California about a missing young woman who was later discovered dead by local law enforcement ("And I feel, when the dogs begin to smell her..."). "  :/ 
    It might be about that too, but it's *really* about Eddie Vedder.
    You mean like in "How can I sound like Eddie Vedder and behave like Eddie Vedder?"...? Corecopycat. PlushPearlJam, SexTypeThingAliceInChains, CreepNirvana. 
    I never found any similarities. 
    Me neither, I never really understood the whole comparison to Pearl Jam thing. I understand people drawing some little similarity from a song or two, but Core as a whole doesn't deserve the PJ copycat rep
    When you don't see things or you don't understand them, that doesn't mean they're not there or lack logic...
    That link is a nothing article. It basically just calls Weiland a phony and cites very little. It proves nothing other than the writer doesn't like the band. Pointless crap. Why try to convince some to not like music they enjoy? 
    Yep, I'm not even sure it classifies as a article. A bunch of rubbish, full of disrespect for the band and spiced up with the level of musical knowlege close to that of an earthworm. Both bands are great, anyway, and if the writer wants to accuse someone of copycat, there are many better examples than this questionable one.
    I *love* Wieland, he's one of my favorite vocalists of all time, but parts of Core, Plush in particular, is a direct Pearl Jam clone.
    That's crazy to me. Their sound cycles between Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, and to a lesser degree Nirvana, clearly, and from song to song. I like that about Scott, too, that he can sound like a different singer from song to song, but he sounds like his other contemporary singers who came slightly before. Of the bands accused of being clones, they're the best, but I can't see how possibly you could not see the similarities.
    They're huge. Plush is often accredited to Pearl Jam due to the uncanny similarity.
    Okay. I just don’t hear them. If you can tell me what to listen for I’ll go listen again. I’ve always been curious   The big chords in Plush are nothing like pearl jams riffs. Weilands voice, though baritone, is raspy and not vedder like. 
    It's State of Love and Trust at half time.
    Okay! Now we’re talking. Okay, I can see that. Wouldn’t say it’s a ripoff but I can see that similarity now. 
    Yeah, they came out too close to have ripped each other off. They sound alike often, and the musicians from Pearl Jam were embedded in the grunge scene for almost a decade before Pearl Jam, so they get credit for that, rightfully or not.
    Just listened to both, I can't hear any similarities as well. And according to Wikipedia State of Love and Trust first appeared in a movie which had premiere one month before Core's release. You can't possibly believe they recorded Plush, mixed it and put on the album one month before it's release
    I'm not saying they ripped it off, I'm saying the bands sound similar, overall. I'm aware the bands came out too close to be a rip-off, but they sound alike often.
    I never really understood these comparisons either.  Weiland doesn't fucking yoodle dude. lol
    Really?  Stone Temple Pilots were copy cats of Pearl Jam?  Because after Core came out Pearl Jam decided to use Brendan O'Brien on their next record.  So who was copying who?