Stone Temple Pilots Record New Music

The band is getting ready to embark a tour and release new album featuring their newest singer Chester Bennington from Linkin Park.

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Stone Temple Pilots and their new singer Chester Bennington will be embarking on a tour and are already recording songs for a new album, guitarist Dean DeLeo revealed in a new interview (via AntiMusic).

DeLeo made the revelations during an interview with Nikki Sixx on the Motley Crue star's radio program "Sixx Sense" on Friday night. DeLeo had the following to say about their tour plans: "We're going to be out for most of the month in September, and I've got kind of a little thing too in late August that I'm really, really thrilled about.

"STP will be out on the road for most of September ... we're going to hop over to Japan in October, and of course, in September is gonna be the show with you guys," said the guitarist. "We're really excited about that, and of course Jane's Addiction on another bill, and I think there's actually some stuff happening in November and December as well."

Sixx then asked him, "What I really want to talk about is that you guys are going to be making a 7th album and it's going to be with Chester."

DeLeo responded, "Yeah, we're actually at Robert's this very, very moment, cutting some more things. We're chewing on another four songs right now. It's quite nice, man..."

DeLeo also went into details about how STP teamed up with the Linkin Park frontman.

"I was on a European tour, in my room late at night, and I turned on the TV and there's Linkin Park doing this massive festival [Rock Am Ring 2001], and Chester's hittin' it with a Stone Temple Pilots No. 4 shirt on. It really brought a smile to my face and it kinda brought me back to home, I could feel my heart again.

"You know, the first time we met was at a turnstile, waiting for our luggage and I walked up to him and said 'I think I owe you this,' and I kissed him on the cheek. We've kinda been friends ever since. I knew he really loved the band, obviously.

"We did some touring together on a Family Values tour around 94' I think, and you know, we hit it off. We spent a lot of time together. And when the time came to think about a singer, we simply reached out to him ... when we spoke, he was actually on a European tour, and I was home, and he said 'you know what, man? When I was dating my wife, I said one day, they're going to call me to be in the band.'"

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    Army of Anyone is hugely underrated. I'm excited to hear what they come out with having Chester singing.
    Gotta feelin' that this will be epic Stone Templin Parklots I will miss Weiland though...
    I don't know why everyone is complaining. Scott sucks now, he can't even sing anymore. So it's this or nothing, and I'm cool with this. Whether you like LP's music or not, Chester is a very talented vocalist.
    They're billed as "Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington" so they essentially did change the name.
    Kinda like how L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose joined to become Guns 'n Roses. Look what they've become
    Chester is an admirable singer. Scott is going to be hard to fill in for, but I feel for the can only take so much from an obviously toxic band member before action has to happen. They stuck in there with Scott longer than I think most people would, and they gave him multiple opportunities to show up. I saw STP at Rock on the Range and that drunk sum-b*t*h dropped the microphone into the crowd in a drunken hissy fit. I think this is best for everyone involved. STP lives on with a capable singer who obviously respects them, and Scott hopefully realizes he has hit rock bottom and seeks help to get in line.
    Zeta Reticuli
    You couldnt pay me to watch them with Chester Bennington. Weiland -is- STP. Dont know who these guys are but they aren't the Stone Temple Pilots. So downvote me to hell, but every person I've talked to in real life (not online) thinks this is an atrocity and hates it.
    I don't know. The new song sounds a hell of a lot like stp. Just a different vocalist. Should they be a different name? Maybe. I can see that argument. But all i know is i couldnt stand the last stp album, but i really enjoy "out of time". I hated the idea of replacing scott, but all i can trust are my ears, and i was pleasently surprised by that song. Let's just hope they don't force anything on the new album.
    i agree with you i really dont like old bands (SLAYER AHEM AHEM) having the most major part of the band gone and continuing on with the same name. just get a new band name youre all famous and will still get gigs and fans...
    Why they couldnt get Richard from Filter instead? Maybe both the Deleos were scared of another flop album after Talk Show and AofA (bit sad as both the albums were pretty good, much better than Scott's solo stuff).....
    Maybe because DeLeos simply liked Chester's vocals and it felt like he really fits the band?
    Impossible. Lincoln Park is awful and his voice is a main culprit.
    Actually, Chester's vocals were the good part of that band. Just cause the band sucks doesn't mean there weren't good qualities.
    I'll please biff022 and downvote_me by getting downvotes for this comment: I wouldn't say Linkin Park sucks, it's a matter of the listener's liking this type of music or not.
    They deffinitely don't suck. They used to be too teenage nu-metal in your face kinda childish, but ever since Minutes to Midnight they've made some real progress into what their music is about and how it's constructed. Too bad that's all stuf nobody listens to because everyone thinks they're going to sing something like In the End or Somewhere I Belong. Of course your opinion might be that you disslike their music, but overall they are descent musicians and techniscians.
    STP were once a great great band... saw them in 1994 and they were awesome. Now they have one of the front clowns from the worst band to ever plug in guitar to replace the best Bowie imitator ever (that's a complement, for those Lincoln Park fans who don't know Bowie), and it's embarrassing.
    First, please learn to spell the band's name before you go off and insult them (it's Linkin Park by the way). Second, STP is still awesome and Linkin Park is far more talented than they get credit for. I don't know if this will sound good or not with Chester on vocals, but this is kind of insulting. I know I might get some hate for this, but it is what it is.
    Lincoln Park. I refuse to indulge in the Limp Biscuit, Staind, Trapt 90's nu-metal stupid name garbage to market to adolescents. They need to learn to spell their name, not me. Lincoln Park is one of the least talented bands to ever make the mainstream... I've told this story before on here, but here goes... I was in a bar once with Page Hamilton, and he summed up Lincoln Park like this... "great guys, really super nice... they don't know shit about music."
    Just to clarify, they originally wanted the name "Hybrid Theory", but they couldn't secure the rights to it because it was to close to the name of the band "Hybrid". They then changed it to "Lincoln Park". When they couldn't secure the rights to that (it may have been because was taken, actually), they just changed the spelling.
    Now that you mentioned it, Scott does resemble Bowie! He transforms his persona often, you don't know exactly who he will be, or if he will show up. One thing is for certain though, very, very talented.
    They got Chester because they want a big name vocalist to boost tour revenue. It's all about the money. Doing.Army of Anyone as STP would have rocked.
    scott weiland is a bigger name than chester bennington
    Vicryl 2.0
    will they tried it before. thats why they ditch him. i heard tour sales was not that great.
    I just dont want them to call themselves stp. It doesnt matter what they try and sound like Scott was too big a part of that band for it to actually feel like stp. good luck to the group I feel for their axl-rose-esque situation.