Stone Temple Pilots Singer Scott Weiland: 'I'm Open To A Velvet Revolver Reunion'

Frontman also claims the band are already eyeing up new projects.

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Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has said "he is completely open" to fronting Velvet Revolver again.

The band played a one-off benefit gig in LA for band member Dave Kushner's late friend John O'Brien earlier this year, their first following a bitter fall-out with the frontman in 2008 which saw him kicked out of the band.

Following the reunion, Weiland said he was set to rejoin the band, but Slash declared that the singer was "out of his mind" and he had "no intention" of going back to the band. Now, yet again Weiland claims he has been in contact with the other members and they're already eyeing up future projects for Velvet Revolver.

He told: "I am completely open to it and I know there are other guys in the band that are completely open to it. There have been some things that have stood in the way that aren't anything that have to do with the band just other players, agents. Weiland added: "But now we're sorting through things, and we want to start writing for some big film opportunities that have come our way, and try to set things up the way we set things up when we initially got together."

He also went on to praise his fellow band members who also include former Guns N' Roses members Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan. The singer added: "I think it's the perfect time for Velvet Revolver to get back together. Slash has done some great things, and I look forward to the opportunity to seeing him on my left and seeing [bassist] Duff who, in my opinion, is without a doubt one of the greatest rock'n'roll and punk rock bass players of all time.(via NME)

"And with Matt and Dave as well, who are just incredible musicians. I think that's exciting to look forward to. It's the old cliche, 'If the gods of rock want it to happen, then it will'."

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    Whether they get back with Scott, or find someone else, Velvet Revolver needs to find someone soon! It's been 4 years already.
    Scott seems to forget that the current hiatus is his fault. I doubt Slash will agree to take him back but I'd still wish they found somebody quick. A few years more and noone will care anymore.
    Exactly! I haven't heard much good about the latest STP tour, on his part. Showing up late to shows, drunk, and high as F#ck, and giving hald ass performances. I totally agree that VR needs to get back together, but I think it would be a bad move to bring Scott back. He's bound to fall to pieces again after a year or so, pardon the pun.
    You and the rest of these people are out of your minds. I saw the STP's on this last tour at foxwoods in CT and they were fantastic... AGAIN! Saw them 2/12 years before that in 09' and they were immaculate. So he was late to the second show in Canada,, big deal; he does it to keep people interested and to keep them coming to new shows. Now, as far as slash goes with letting him back in the band.. it would be the stupidest decision he ever made to let anyone but Scott ever front the group. For god sake, having anyone else is like Roger waters joining Paul and Ringo and calling themselves the Beatles or something... I mean come on people!!
    I think that saying that he shows up late to shows to keep everyone interested is a piss poor excuse. When you're making / playing music for a living, you're suppose to be doing it for the fans. Making crowds wait 2 hours for you to show up and do a half ass, hour set is just outright disrespectful. These people paid good money for their tickets, and he just slaps them in the face. I know this can't be avoided sometimes, and shit happens, but this was a fairly regular occurance on STP's last couple of tours. I won't even comment on how wasted he was when he did showed up to these gigs...
    Well I guess if were talking about this almost two months removed from it, he must be doing something rite. I mean as far as I can remember people have complained about there late starts but it doesn't take away from there performance or attendance really even when Scott's derelict in some way(which would be strange not to see). And with all resepect man but this isn't some first-album rock band just starting out who will do whatever a spec audience or record companay will tell them... they are 40 year old rock-stars with ego's and have over 6 albums of all killer material who do this for themselves now, not the fans. It's a 50/50 gander buying an STP ticket people. live with it.
    Hopefully the DeLeo brothers will go back to Army of Anyone
    YES. There's no reason all of these guys can't still do their original bands and still do their supergroups on the side.
    That would be the best of both worlds. I love that first Army of Anyone album.
    Josh Reubenking
    Wow, UG. Way to rip off Blabbermouth. I saw this there yesterday.
    The majority of news agency (music sites as well as others) generally get news from the same sources anyway. As long as they state their source (in this case NME) then they've done nothing wrong.
    STP recent album sucked... Scott will never be like he used to be and for a man whos brother died of an overdose... I dont think he will ever learn.