Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington Announce U.S Date

Band to make festival appearance.

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Stone Temple Pilots have announced that they will be headlining the inaugural Rockwave Festival at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida, on September 21st, AntiMusic reports.

The band will be fronted by Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who replaced Scott Weiland earlier this year. Alongside Stone Temple Pilots, the festival will features such acts as Jane's Addiction, Filter, Anberlin and Beware of Darkness.

Scott Weiland recently filed a countersuit against his former band, demanding compensatory damages in excess of $5 million. Weiland's complaint claims that his former band conspired against him:

"How do you expel a man from a band that he started, named, sang lead on every song, wrote the lyrics and was the face of for 20 years, and then try to grab the name and goodwill for yourselves? You don't, but three of the instrumentalists from the band 'Stone Temple Pilots' (the 'Band') tried."

STP had initially filed a suit against Weiland for "blatantly violating his duties" and "attempting to sabotage the band."

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    STP won't be the same without Scott. I'll try to imagine it being a whole new band else I'll just be annoyed.
    I love how they're not even called stone temple pilots anymore, theyre called "stone temple pilots with chester bennington"
    I wonder if they are doing that because there are court cases pending. I am sure that the rights to the band name are part of the lawsuit and counter suit. So let's have a mitchmitchhh and christianOnBass substituting for Led Zeppelin concert
    I am very pleasantly surprised by how well Chester is fitting into STP. If I wasn't literally on the opposite corner of the country (Washington), I would buy tickets to this in a heartbeat.
    I'm just glad that the instrumental members of STP have a reliable singer that can stay sober during tour dates and give the ticketholders a good show. I saw STP in 2001 and they were really good then but I heard many shows that were spoiled by Scott's antics.
    STP were once a great band. Now they have the worst singer ever in front for them. WTF
    This "the worst singer ever" delivers the best shows ever seen by STP fans, judging by the words of those, who attended the latest STP shows.
    chester is a great singer listen to linkin parks first two albums his vocals are awesome havent heard him with stp yet
    STP without Scott Weiland is just another act no one needs.
    We need all the decent new music we can get these days. Good bands putting out new music are an endangered species. I wish them the very best.