STP: What It Feels Like Listening to Scott Weiland Sing Now That He's Gone

"It's pretty much every emotion. It's sadness, it's anger, it's intense, it's joy, it's love."

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STP: What It Feels Like Listening to Scott Weiland Sing Now That He's Gone

Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo was asked by Variety on "what are the emotions listening to these songs after doing them with Scott and Chester, who are both now gone," to which he replied:

"It's pretty much every emotion. It's sadness, it's anger, it's intense, it's joy, it's love.

"It's every emotion that the guy who had such a huge flow and such success with this band, and is not here to tell you about it.

"I hate it. I can't stand it, man.

"It's like, 'Really man? You had to take it there?' And that's what’s tragic about the situation right now because, everything else about it is really, really beautiful.

"But, heck man. If there's one thing I could have changed back in the day, it would have been to just ask for Scott to have somewhat of a full heart and a peaceful mind.

"Scott was an extraordinary human being. Anything that guy did, he excelled at. And I know there was a lot of noise in that guy's head, man.

"And when he found things that would take down that noise and squelch that fuzz, that's where he found his peace.

"And sadly, it killed him."

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    I really feel lucky to have seem them twice with Scott. In October of 2000 and again in October of 2009. Both times were during somewhat more sober phases of his and were two of the best concerts I have ever seen
    My first live show ever was Velvet Revolver's last show in LA. I'm truly blessed to have seen Scott kill it during my first concert. 
    I just listened to 'Purple' for first time this year I think and I'm still amazed by this album. Interstate Love Song always gives me chills with Scott's vocals, same goes for Silvergun Superman
    Sucks that STP have NEVER really gotten to just talk about their music. It was "wait, so you're not Pearl Jam?" to "so does he have a drug problem?" to "he totally has a drug problem" to "what do you think about Velvet Revolver?" to "why hasn't he stopped this drug problem" to "yea... he died from that drug problem, how does it feel?" to now "wow you really have bad luck with singers..."
    Their own fault for trying to sound like Pearl Jam/Nirvana, and keeping a heroin addict in the band. They had every opportunity to move on with the super acclaimed Army of Anyone group, but wanted the oldies tour money that goes with the STP name.
    I saw them perform back in August of 2012 during their 20th anniversary of their "Core" tour and was disappointed with their performance. They were 45 minutes late starting their set & Scott did not sound good at all, was flat on everything & his timing was off (seemed like he was under the influence again or something). The venue was only half sold which was underwhelming as well.  Seeing him perform with Velvet Revolver back in 2005 was a better performance IMO. 
    I believe it wasn't long after that he was fired from the band because of his downward spiral into drugs use ruining the band for a second time. It was essentially the same reason they broke up ten years earlier.
    I'm not the biggest fan of grunge music, so naturally I gravitate to what they brought out from Tiny Music onwards. Which, to be honest, has more to do with Scott finding his own voice for me than the music itself. Great band and an excellent singer. Both as a lead man and a solo artist.