Stream Aphex Twin's Unreleased 1994 Album 'Caustic Window'

artist: Aphex Twin date: 06/17/2014 category: music news
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Stream Aphex Twin's Unreleased 1994 Album 'Caustic Window'
Back in April, an unreleased copy of Aphex Twin's 1994 album "Caustic Window" suddenly hit the web, attached with a hefty price tag of $13,500. To the delight of many cash-strapped Aphex fans, however, electronic music forum We Are the Music Makers made the impossible happen: the LP would only cost $8,368 and 500 digital copies would eventually be made available through Kickstarter.

The agreement, which both Richard David James and his label Rephlex Records wholly supported, finally came full circle recently, when the campaign surpassed - eclipsed, really - its initial goal of $9, 300 with a whopping $67,000 in funds raised.

As RevoltTV notes, those 500 early backers have since received their digital copies of "Caustic Window," and it can be heard as the album has already made its way onto YouTube.

Below, listen to the entirety of "Caustic Window" via the playlist:

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